Beach Donkeys

Beach Donkeys

Thanks to Joseph and Petra, who managed to beat the site meltdown and leave a comment on the previous posting.

Super painting Thea, so lovely and fresh with your concentration of interest in the donkey's and their little riders with the lovely bright colours and just hints of colours in the sand and sea and sky, can almost see the ears of the donkeys flicking back and forth, lovely details on the faces of the girls of the fun they are having

Nice one Thea, brings back a lot of memories.

Thank you very much, Ros and Peter - that's really kind of you. I am a great fan of painting horses and donkeys are sort of on the same theme (almost!). P.S. Isn't it nice to have POL back - what an odd weekend it has been without being able to check up on what everyone is painting and commenting on. Don't want that to happen again in a hurry.

A lovely fresh painting Thea in your very recognisable style. It has been a funny weekend I agree and it is great to see people are posting their art work again!

Lovely sunny painting, Thea. I agree with you re the site downtime. The problem I have is that there is such a flow of really good work on to the site that I simply do not have time to comment on all the work that takes my eye. But I suppose we should be thankful for such abundance! (I think I saw you on Facebook - lovely turn of phrase that I will no doubt copy!).

Another great one would make a great greetings or postcard, for a seaside town as would most of your work. Do you publish your work?

Posted by K 0 on Wed 05 Feb 08:15:02

Delightful image Thea. Hope that the 'missing POL twitch' has subsided now that the site is back to normal! Kevin is quite right, this would make a lovely greetings card.

Thank you very much Christine, Lionel, Kevin and Louise for such nice comments. It was actually nice to do a normal painting as you can have so much more interaction with how the paint flows than you can seem to have with pen and wash. Kevin, I don't sell any of my paintings as I don't want to part with any of them. I had one solo exhibition in 2011 and put a couple of paintings into another competition in 2012, but that is all. I belong to two art societies but to exhibit with them you have to be prepared to sell your work, so that precludes me doing that. I am planning to take a few of my more jolly paintings along to the printers and get a few greetings cards run off, but just for my personal use, not for selling. P.S. Feeling so much calmer now that my 'fix' is back online - just shows how important 'cyber' friends have become in our lives. I suppose it is a bit like having pen pals like we used to do in the 'olden' days. Lionel, you did see me add a comment on the POL Facebook site, but I don't use Facebook at all normally as it isn't my thing. The fact that I did reveals how desperate I was to get POL back on form, lol!

My first comment since the sight is back..... thank goodness. This is lovely Thea. So fresh and colourful and full of childhood memories.

I agree Thea, it is lovely to be back amongst POL friends. This is a lovely image. I really wish the weather was like this now. Idyllic painting.

Yes I can quite understand you not wanting to sell them, I have the same problem with my wildlife paintings. It's a pity you couldn't sell prints tho as I feel its a shame that more people cannot enjoy them.

Posted by K 0 on Wed 05 Feb 16:59:22

Such a lovely painting Thea! The donkeys and the little girls are adorable! I like both of your styles and I do understand what you mean by proper painting. It so nice to have POL back, now we know how life would be without it.

Thank you so much Avril, Dawn, and Satu for adding such nice comments. Kevin, I always find it hard to believe that anyone would want to see anything I paint. I am such an amateur as I have huge gaps in my skill and knowledge about painting. I am trying to improve but it is slow work with me falling into the same old traps all the time. I am always amazed at how kind and generous people on POL are with their comments and feedback as I never feel that anything I do really deserves much attention. Louise keeps berating me about my lack of confidence and I am working on that - perhaps one day I might feel that my paintings can command attention, but that day is a long way off yet.

A truly gorgeous piece, Thea! I love the sunlit atmosphere and the lovely jewel-like washes. Such a delightful scene!

Hi Thea, I finally found your donkeys, they were well worth searching for, beautiful picture.

Thank you very much Seok and Karyl for your nice comments on my two donkey friends. Much appreciated.

Hang on Studio Wall

Re-posting this as I posted it about 1 minute before the site went down. When the site came back on, I looked at it and realised I had forgotten to paint one of the donkey's manes - dur..! All corrected now. Anyway - a 'proper' painting for a change from pen and wash. I just thought that this was a charming little scene and one which is fast disappearing from our British beaches, so a nice one to have a go at. Watercolour on Fabriano Artistico Extra White 300lbs.

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