Little And Large

Little And Large

Another great watercolour Thea, lovely addition to your stunning gallery

Lovely boats Thea, you are getting to be an expert on these.

Lovely boats Thea, beautiful colours you have used and a great addition to your gallery

Well painted Thea and in your signature clear fresh colours.

Thank you very much, ladies, for all your encouraging comments.

Lovely bright colours Thea, a nice painting.

Nice shimmering colours with this one-like it very much.

Fresh, lively painting Thea. Lots of interesting detail to look at ! Well done

Ship shape and Bristol fashion - I do love you boat paintings Thea.

Ooppss obviously meant I do love your boat paintings!! lol

Yes there is a lot in the painting, Thea, but I admire the way you have kept the focus on the two boats, each complementing and drawing the eye to the other.

Thank you very much Denise, David, Louise, Debs and Ruth for such lovely comments. Ruth, I had to think hard how to do the painting in such a way that the viewer didn't get so distracted by all the details and didn't notice that the boats were the main event. I have done a few of these boats paintings now and I learn something about doing them all the time.

No need to apologise for another boat painting when you do them so well.

Lovely fresh painting Thea, great colours.

Thank you very much Paul and Fiona for taking the time to add such nice comments - really appreciate it.

Lovely bright fresh colours. Inspite of your hesitation !! it's worked very well and is another winner. No problem it being another boat !

I've added a hint of pink to Nielsen's lower lip (how's that for a concession!). I've also ordered a Reid book Thea. Never had a lesson in my life and perhaps this dog's too old for new tricks. Who knows...

Thank you very much Avril for your kind comment. Kim, have you posted the updated portrait of Nielsen as I would very much like to see it. I hope you enjoy Reid's book as he paints in a totally different way to most watercolour artists which is fascinating to see. He is getting on a bit now, but he is coming over to the UK next year some time and I am hoping to go on his workshop just for the joy of being able to sit and watch him put a painting together. It is horses for courses as always and there are many who don't like the way he works or what he produces. I have always been inexorably drawn to that style of painting right from day one of my first watercolour course. It was a breakthrough for me to discover both Reid and Judi Whitton as it was those artists who showed me the techniques to use to get the effect I was chasing.

Lovely to read all the comments and discussions. Your paintings are always a joy to look at and this one is too. Well done Thea!

Like this Thea, boats are so difficult to get the perspective correct when drawing but you have managed it so well and the colours you decided upon are really good, lot of other details in this painting as well which helps contribute to another fine piece for your portfolio.

Thank you very much Satu and Graham for your kind comments on my painting - much appreciated and valued.

Can't have too many boats! Well drawn, they're not easy to get just right, and lots of lovely fresh colour.

Thank you very much, Lesley. As you are the boat expert I feel very flattered by your kind comment.

The boats are brill' but I think that the sky is expertly handled too.

Beautiful work Thea!!

Thank you very much, Sarah and Paul for such nice comments.

Another beautiful boat. Is it one of your favourite subjects?

This is super, Thea. Thanks for your kind comment on my lemons experiment.

What a great body of work you have produced thea

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