A Green And Pleasant Land

A Green And Pleasant Land

Gorgeous delicate colours. Lots to see and loads of interest. I love it.

The colour interpretation of the windmill has worked very well. A good colour balance overall. It is well worth persevering with stretching 140lb paper for the control. If it is to much of a pain invest in 300lb paper. Your work is worth the investment.

This has worked very well Thea, I like the fresh, clean washes. I can't stand stretching paper and use Saunders blocks, which are glued all around and don't cockle much.

A Green and Pleasant Land? A not so green and more than pleasant picture - love it! [ especially the non black windmill, the purpley pinks work so well!]

Thank you very much Dawn, Stan, Stephen and Debs for such nice comments. Very welcome as I was very undecided about this painting and you have certainly boosted my spirits. Stan, I now have 28 sheets of 300lb Fabriano, so I hopefully won't need to got to the bother of stretching paper again. I usually use a heavyweight paper, but could only get 140lbs as the 300lb was out of stock. It's a long story and if anyone is interested in reading the machinations I had to go through to get any paper, let alone 300lb, out of Jackson's Art, then have a look at my blog 'A Watercolour Journey' and find the posts about paper. Apparently it is amusing, which is great, but my blood pressure went off the scale during the fiasco.

This works well: especially the sheep, which can ruin a painting very quickly if you just get a little bit of their anatomy wrong and turn them into blobs of candyfloss (we speak with feeling). By the way, while not wishing to tempt you away from Jackson's - who do all sorts of things that others don't - I notice that Chromacolour UK is stocking Fabriano paper: I forgot to check on the weight, but you may care for a mosey around there. Did you use the gummed paper trick to stretch? Faff is the word......

Hehe Thea! Simply can't imagine you boiling over about anything! Especially when you can come up with gorgeous composed artwork like this, as everyone has said this is a super painting with super details in it, everything's fits together so well, from the sheep in the foreground through to the lovely windmill and the buildings around it, the horizontal fence contrasts so well with the upright windmill.bye for now Thea xx

I think it's all been said. The windmill is splendid - good choice of colour for it. that's what it's all about, the choices we make.

Such a lovely painting, like the colours.

Lovely landscape Thea. Love the colours in the windmill

Thank you very much Robert, Gudrun, Karyl and Carole for your encouragement and nice comments. Robert, I now have my 300lb paper from Jacksons, so the paper stretcher I bought off eBay for £8 (and very good it is too) can go into the bottom drawer never to appear again. I wouldn't have a clue what to do with gummed paper! The paper stretcher did make it easier, but it is still a faff wetting a sheet of paper, waiting for it to dry, etc. I am not know for my patience and that tried it a bit too much, I'm afraid.

What kind of Fabrianno paper do you use? They used to make a not paper which was fairly smooth and good for line and wash.

A fairy tale painting, BEAUTIFUL !!

Thank you very much, Satu, for your lovely compliment - very kind of you.

Stephen, I have just started using Fabriano Artistico after having used Langton for quite some time. I found Fabriano hard to work with a year or so ago, but am now finding it much more responsive than the Langton - perhaps I have improved enough to cope with it - who knows? I bought some 140lb NOT in both Traditional (creamy coloured) and the Extra White. I much prefer the Extra White for my type of painting as it shows up the colours better. However, the 140lb Fabriano seems much flimsier than 140lbs in Langton, so I have moved up to 300lbs in it, which is miles better. It is hard to get hold of the Extra White in 300lbs, but Jacksons do have it on occasion. I have also bough some Fabriano Artistico HP in 140lbs (they only do that weight in it) to try for pen and wash. I haven't used it yet, but no doubt something might turn up on the gallery in due course!

Painted with confidence and style Thea, super watercolour.

Love the colour scheme Thea and the overall composition, especially the addition of the three sheep. Whether flowers or animals, it's always better to have them in groups of three. I have to disagree with you though about whether it's worth the trouble to stretch paper. I stretch my 425 gm (200lb). Soaked in the bath, taped to the wooden board with gum strip and left over night to dry. Now, I can just see that you're yawning..lol

Thank you very much Fiona and Louise - such nice comments and very welcome they are too! Louise, I used to use 200lb Langton and it didn't matter how wet I got it, it stayed perfectly flat. The 300lb Fabriano is even stiffer, so I don't feel it will need stretching? I am impressed that you go to the trouble of stretching all your paper, regardless of weight. I am obviously a lazy artist!

Beautiful painting! Love the composition and the lovely delicate way you have painted the windmill and houses, you have captured it well..

Thank you very much, Kate - very kind of you.

Thank you very much, Elizabeth. Actually, the painting started to grow on me so I am rather pleased it avoided the bin too!

A gorgeous piece, Thea. typically English but with your inimitable artistic flair.

Thank you very much, Seok, that is very kind of you.

Hang on Studio Wall

I am still trying to get to grips with landscapes and saw this typically English scene with the windmill, houses and grazing sheep and thought I would give it a go. A lot of elements and so many ways for me to take a wrong turn. I rather lost my way with the houses, but I was reasonably pleased with the windmill itself (it was actually black and I had to interpret that differently to avoid having a nasty black tube up the centre of the painting). I am ok with the sheep and grass (still experimenting on the best way to portray grass and make it a bit more interesting). On balance, there is more that I am happy with than there are bits I am unhappy with. I did contemplate binning it, but it has grown on me over the last few days. Watercolour on Fabriano 140lbs (Oh - and I stretched the paper for the first time in my life - what a faff - shan't be doing that again in a hurry!)

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