Surfer Dudes at Bantham Beach, Devon

Surfer Dudes at Bantham Beach, Devon

This really sums up a wonderful day; sun, sea, sand and lots of people having fun! Lots of lovely happy holiday colours thrown into the mix....a treasure Thea.

Thank you, Fiona, it was a great day and even better because we persuaded my 16 year old grandson, who has Asperger's Syndrome, to try surfing. He normally backs away from new experiences and it was great to see him having so much fun in the waves. I welled up a bit when I saw him stand up on his board and ride a wave.

Thank you very much, Helen.

Such a fun sketch Thea. Devon, sun and surfing, it's all there. Super!

Great fun painting and a lovely way to remember!

A fair vista is this Thea, well done for having the confidence to tackle this one, I would have headed for the bar if asked to draw that lot... It's turned out really interesting though, very confident sketch.

A happy fun filled sketch Thea, full of interest and colour.

Such a lively painting, full of atmosphere!

Great sketch Thea you do have some fun with your grandkids and at the same time turn out this lovely painting . Oh and many thanks for your nice comments on my paintings .

I can imagine you sitting on the beach painting this, oh and look there are your boys standing on their boards. The sketch takes on a different meaning knowing the story behind it. I love it.

Thank you very much Louise, Debs, Alan Christine, Lisa and Dennis for such kind comments. The only problem is that seeing the sketch and remembering the day has just made me want to be back there!

Thank you very much Jeannie - I know what you mean about the story but then that is what makes sketch books so valuable - so much better than photos for all those memories.

I wouldn't have known where to start Thea! This is sunny, lively, fun and happy. Very confident handling of watercolours on two pages at the same time. Well done!

Pleased you all had a great time Thea. Did you try surfing?😊 you have done a great job with this complicated scene.

Sun , sea and sand....and lots of fun. I had missed this Thea a lovely memory.

A classic Cable. Smashing Thea

Lovely spontaneous piece Thea

Bright, clear and full of life and luminosity. Well done, Thea!

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Whilst on holiday in Devon last week, we went to Bantham Beach so that my teenage grandsons could learn to surf and this is a sketch done while I was sitting watching their progress. They both did very well and actually did manage to stand up on their boards if only for a few seconds!

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