Guess Who One Liner

Guess Who One Liner

No, not Jonathon, Christine, but I can see where you are coming from as both his and this chap's face do have similarities. I will provide a clue shortly!

I can see who it is, but I don't know his name. Cheeky chap.

No idea but I do love the technique Thea and your way of using the medium.

Can't stand him but think it might be Malcolm McIntyre?

You have caught a great expression again and looking very accomplished both portrait and caricature Thea

I think I know who it is but like Gudrun, don't know his name. Great drawing again Thea!!!

No prize for me this time then, I don't know but Christine could well be right. I'll say it again, you're really very good at these portraits!

Alan Cumming the actor? It's the eyebrows!!

Thanks for having a guess and the kind comment Gudrun, Michael, Christine, Dennis, Satu and Louise. I'll give you a couple of clues - Scottish and an actor. I appreciate all the lovely comments about how good I am at these portraits - but I can't be that good if no-one knows who on earth it is, lol!!

I know who it is, but CAN I think of his perishing name?? No, is the short answer..... Scottish, actor, yes.... vaguely Italian connections? What is the blighter's NAME??? (Mind you, I'm reaching the point where I'll be forgetting my own next....)

Alan Cumming, Alan Cumming, it's Alan cumming as sure as my name's Bismillah LoveBreath..... Oh do tell me it is.....

Debs, you are really good at guessing these - that's two in a row now! Yes, Robert, Alan Cummings and what gave me the idea was he was the subject that the winning portrait artist, Christian Hook, got to paint for his commission. He spent quite a bit of time with Alan Cummings and I was fascinated by his personality. He is currently playing in Cabaret in New York, the part of the compere, to which he is very well suited. Doing the drawing virtually blind, I did end up elongating his face and features, but that seemed to emphasis his paucy expression (Scottish word mean witty, cynical and dry). I know what the expression means and probably all the other Scots on the site will know too - it is hard to explain the term.

That the winning artist from Sky Arts Portrait Artist of the Year, just finished on TV.

I should have got this one having watched the programme..but to be honest, I didn't know who he was until I saw the commission painting part and then I was watching Christian Hook who looks rather nice ...LOL.. You could enter next time Thea, UDOL of course. Actually, from these portraits, I think you possibly could!

I'll give it some thought, Louise. I can just see me doing my 15 minute drawing, slapping a bit of wash on here and there and then wondering what to do for the remaining three and a half hours!! But thank you - that's a very generous compliment and I appreciate it. I am dying to do some more but I am sure the gallery has been a bit too saturated with my portraits, so am casting about to find another subject to try.

Hi Thea, Could it possibly be David Tennant, minus the beard? PS thanks so much for your kind comments on my work. Means a lot.

Posted by Ian Fair on Fri 09 Jan 22:33:52

Hi Thea. David Tennant, minus the beard? By the way, thanks so much for your kind comments on my work. Means a lot.

Posted by Ian Fair on Fri 09 Jan 22:36:59

Oh don't stop doing your Guess Who's Thea, I look forward to seeing them on the gallery! I'm struggling for inspiration at the moment, I think we need a new challenge?

No David Tennant, Ian, but Alan Cumming. Debs got it a little while ago. However, I see why you went down that path as Tennant does have a similar face and look, doesn't he. It is always a pleasure to comment on good work and I find yours very refreshing, Ian, so keep them coming. Christine, very nice of you to say that - I might do a few more - well, until people start throwing tomatoes at me, lol!

Yes I know who he is but sorry can't name him. He used to be an air steward in a sitcom. Done more since. Brilliant Thea, do love these faces and so colourful!

Hi Thea. I just HAD to return to find out who he was! It drives me mad when I can't think of the name!!

Can't help thinking it could be David Tennant (minus the beard)?

Posted by Ian Fair on Sun 11 Jan 21:38:46

No idea, but this is an absolute winner, Thea! I just love the expression and the gorgeous washes of cool and warm hues. Stunning work!

... let's hope we don't have to suffer any more adolescent tantrums ...!

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I doubt anyone will get this one as it has turned out more as a caricature than a portrait, although the features are there, but exaggerated. I did contemplate having another go at it, but there was just something that I really liked about the expression on the face in this one, which I felt suggested this man's self-confessed witty, wicked and slightly sexually naughty side.

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