Morning Light

Morning Light

Well I can see he is riding into the light Thea, lovely horse the colours are beautiful.

Beautifully done, Thea, with your usual sparkling washes and glowing hues, and you've managed the light really well. Super piece!

I am really pleased if you think that I have managed to show some light, Carole and Seok - must be a first for me!! Thank you so much for those very encouraging comments.

You always are good at horses and this is no exception, lovely painting

The horse is most certainly moving towards the light and the comfortable looking rider is bathed in it. I like the way you've outlined horse and rider in white. His white legs must have been more tricky (the horse, not the man!). The painting has a warm glow about it and a relaxed feel. Super.

I can really feel the movement in this, just trotting along, great.

Really good, Thea. Lovely and fresh, movement well captured. I love the splashes!

Thank you very much Glennis, Louise, Fred and Pat for such very kind comments.

Nothing wrong with the light Thea. I can see the rider moving slightly to the stride.

Super painting Thea and the light is gorgeous! Not easily achieved with watercolour ( for me at least) but you have done it so well. I especially love the hat and the shoulders of the rider. Well, the horse hasn't got one.....

This is quite charming Thea, lovely work.

Thank you very much Gudrun and Satu - I did try hard with the light I have to say - not easy for me! Still, I learned a lot from doing it so all grist to the mill, as they say.

Thank you very much, Stephen.

Gosh you have made a good job of this1

You've captured the light especially on the horses legs, she looks like a lively little filly and you can almost hear the rider saying 'Trot on', super work!

Thank you very much Linda and Debs - definitely 'trot on'! Actually, horses go a bit giddy on beaches because they are nervous of wide open spaces - a primeval thing from being watchful for predators I believe. My younger daughter had a chestnut Thoroughbred mare, who was flighty and hard to control on a beach. At the time, we were living just by the sea north of Lancaster and she rode on Morecambe Bay beach a lot of the time - used to scare me to death.

The rider is certainly sitting deep in the saddle which makes him look as if he is going into a trot or canter. Charming Thea!

Clean, bright and beautiful Thea!

Thank you very much Sarah and Fiona for those kind comments. Sarah - you are obviously are a rider, knowing things like that!

Simply stunning Thea.

Thank you so much, Kal - very kind of you.

You are very good at painting horses and donkeys in fact, most things Thea! A lovely painting.

Lovely watercolour,particularly like the play of tones up the horses's legs

Thank you very much Christine and David, really kind of you to add such nice comments.

A beautiful painting, Thea, and I agree with others that you have really captured the light so well. May I also thank you for your revealing analysis that you posted on my Wet Crowd pic. It was really most thoughtful of you and I read it with a great deal of interest. I posted a "thank you" in reply on my pic but I wanted to make sure that you actually received it.

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This is a SAA Challenge 'Our Photo, Your Painting' - they provide the reference photo and you do what you want with it. I have actually played this one quite straight for me - no reason apart from that is how I felt I wanted to do it. I am not brilliant at portraying light, so it was a nice one to practice on. Watercolour on Fabriano Artistico.

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