Lobster Boats on Hallsands Beach, Devon

Lobster Boats on Hallsands Beach, Devon

A lovely, fresh feeling sketch Thea!

A real holiday feel to this one Thea. Sandy beach and blue sea. These sketches will be a lovely reminder of a good time had. Also, those shadows make rather a nice shape against the curve of the boats. Good composition all round!

Agree, the shadow adds a lovely dimension to this holiday sketch.

That's what it's all about Thea collecting and preserving your memories in paint, much more than a photograph could ever do. Your sketches have a life of their own.

Lovely sunny painting Thea, a great momento.

A very nice composition Thea - I like the little coloured pebbles on the beach. And it's true, a sketch or a painting brings back the holiday memories much more than a photo would.

It's a lovely painting Thea, love the soft colours used. :)

Sunshine and sea, and of course lovely little boats, perfect! I see those boats were registered in Dartmouth, I learned about boat registrations after painting one with a registration. Dartmouth DH =the first and last letter of the town they were registered in.

Lovely work Theo one of your best I think

Ooh lucky you Thea, beach on your doorstep! This is lovely and colourful.

delightful sketch Thea - lovely and fresh.

Lovely play with colours and white paper Thea! Very skilfully drawn boats too!

If all the sketches in your book are as good as this, it must be a real joy to own Thea!

Thank you Sarah, Louise, Debs, Fiona, Dennis, Stephen, Marjorie, Maria, Lesley and Dennis for such lovely and generous comments. Yes, Lesley, the boats are from Dartmouth - Hallsands is just round the coast from there. Dartmouth is another of my favourite places.

Thank you very much Carole, Michael, Satu and Julie - such kind comments really do lift the spirit - so thank you for that. Julie, I am building a few sketchbooks now and it is lovely to look back at them and remember visits, holidays and experiences. Apart from that I am such a rubbish photographer that the sketches are really my only option!

I love the sunny , cheerful watercolour - makes me feel in a holiday mood Thea ( love those wet washes)

Thank you very much, Lynne - I always find beaches and boats put me in a good mood!

Love your style as always - so full of colour and vitality. A typical sea-side scene.

Lovely composition Thea and illustrated a little more than your works of late. One for framing I think.

I like this a lot Thea , excellent work

Thank you very much Avril, Frank and Dermot for your kindness is leaving such nice comments. Frank, this one is done in one of my Moleskine sketchbooks and although I would quite like to frame it, it seems sacrilege to cut it out of such a nice book. I do have a special stand where I can display my sketchbook, so I will have to be content with that I think.

Thea, meant to comment on this when I first saw it - your work is so beautifully delicate - this one would make a lovely greetings card.

I thought I'd commented on this but obviously not! It's lovely Thea and in your lovely colourful fresh style. Sketchbooks provide a much nicer memory than photo's I think.

Another classic Cable piece. You're a master Thea and always recogniseable which is no bad thing as people will always look, learn and express delight.

Thank you so much Jenny, Christine and Derek for those really lovely comments - you've really boosted my spirit.

A really well composed piece, Thea, brimming with atmosphere and light. The palette is simply beautiful.

Thank you very much, Seok, very kind of you.

Hang on Studio Wall

This beach was right outside the house we were staying in on our recent holiday to Devon. The boat in the foreground brought in 60 lobsters the day before I did this sketch - quite a haul. Another memory of a lovely holiday.

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