Mother's day bouquet

Mother's day bouquet

Lovely drawing. Pastels are quite hard to get to grips with.

Again, nice line work and interesting to see a pastel work from you. You know I prefer the watercolour don't you :)

Thank you Louise and Gudrun. I found the pastels hard to use and I missed the looseness of watercolour. I might have another go with the. And see if I can use them more dynamically.

I think it's delightful! - Watercolour was always my medium and the first time I tried pastels I could not believe how messy they were, but by my second painting I was hooked! You need to play with them to see how they respond to different pressure and marks.

Yes, definitely try some more.

Delicate, ethereal and elegant. Lovely work, Thea!

Keep at it Thea. I think that this is a super start.

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I did a watercolour painting of these flowers but I decided to try it in hard pastels I have not used pastels before and I did find it very different from using watercolour . I just thought the comparison was interesting.

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