My Big Brother, Malcolm

My Big Brother, Malcolm

I am certain your brother Malcolm will be thrilled with your achievment Thea, it`s a super watercolour portrait, well done, more adult paintings please!!

An excellent watercolour Thea. I particularly like the skin tones and the understated beard.

Great Watercolour Thea, Love your style - I think the dark background area spoils the picture though IMHO.

Lovely portrait, Thea and done with such a light touch.

This is a gorgeous portrait, Thea! You've captured the expression so beautifully - it's such a vibrant and lively portrait. I' sure your brother is thrilled, thank you too for your very kind comment on my painting.

Really good Thea, an amazing achievement in watercolour which is not an easy medium for portraits. Given the number of people who blitz the gallery with aany number of paintngs at a time this work demonstrates that quality will outdo quantity every time.

Oh Thea, this is wonderful and to think I nearly missed it.! Brian comment is so true! This is quality! You've really captured a happy personality here and the beard which I thought might prove to be difficult (never having ever painted one myself!) is just perfect. He should be pleased with this, it's a super painting. Very well done, one of your best!

Superb Thea! Just have to love your style!

This is brilliant Thea, and like Louise I nearly missed it! I think Brian hit the nail on the head when he said quality will outdo quantity every time, and this is quality work!

Thea this is a lovely watercolour which shows your at home using this medium and which is not particularly easy to paint portraits in this medium, I think you have achieved this and produced a really fine portrait with plenty of character, well done, I really like this a lot

One of your best Thea. You are getting better and better, lovely portrait.

I think Thea they have all said it with thier comments but I just have to say it again It's a great painting of your brother and he should be very proud of you for making such a good job of it, it's lovely. I do hope he likes it please let us all know what he thinks.

Posted by Joy Lee on Thu 21 Jul 13:06:50

Thank you all so very much! I have been out all day and came back and logged onto POL in trepidation wondering what reception my attempt at an adult portrait had got - and got a lovely surprise with so many generous and kind comments. I might even have the confidence to do one of my husband now!!

Wow. Just came across this and your best yet by far. (And what a handsome chap he is!) Just remember us here on POL when you are famous.

Thank you very much Val and Kirstie for such lovely compliments. Val - I will never be famous so you are quite safe LOL!! Kirstie - come on now - who is better than you at blending beautiful colours in watercolour than you?? As if I could teach you anything....!!

I can't but agree with all the above comments, Thea. This is perfect, stunning, wonderful!!

Thea, how many words have already been said about this wonderful painting of your brother? I agree with every word, and I would like to add yet another couple about what it says; love & fondness for your brother. It'sdazzling!

another lovely portrait thea, i'm sure your brother will love it, his demeanour shines through xx

Your paintings just get better and better. I'm glad that I didn't miss this with so many postings!

Thank you so much, Mia, Fiona, Lilias and Teresa for your lovely comments. You do my confidence a power of good! Kirstie, I really like your penwork and wish I could do it half as well as you can. I have tried pen and wash and really liked doing it, but was pretty rubbish at it sadly.

Just a note to say that I emailed the portrait to my brother this evening as a surprise, and - guess what - he really liked it. He said he likes this portrait of him best (he has had a few done) as he looks so happy in it. He wanted me to immediately email it to all his children - so he must think it is ok. Could have gone either way - but I'm glad he approves.

This is wonderful, Thea - portraits in watercolour are so difficult and you've painted this beautifully!

Superb work Thea, truely accomplished

Wow - they just keep getting better Thea! I love this - amazing colours - just fantastic! How could your brother not approve?

thea - I think your portraits are getting even better, I love to see character in a face and although children are beautiful their skin is nearly too perfect ! I have a new computer so am catching up on things though slowly. How wonderful to have a brohter who paints too - does he live near you ? Wonderful work and congrats on the saa mag article again

I love your portraits Thea. I'm just starting on my first (I don't count the one I did of my daughter, Steph). I've been inspired by a wonderful character, seen at a country fayre, dressed for a civil war reenactment, as a royalist. Any tips? Thanks for your kind comments on my Greek island cafe,

Posted by Sue Mann on Fri 16 Sep 21:25:24
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Only my third attempt at painting an adult face - I am much more comfortable ddoing babies and children. This is my older brother, Malcolm, who is an excellent watercolourist himself - I am still trying to catch up with him! I am not sure what he is going to think of this portrait of him. Although he is now in his seventies, and is still very youthful looking with an impressive head of hair, I might have painted a few to many lines on his face for his liking!! Who says men aren't vain LOL!! Watercolour on Langton 140lbs.

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