Rocks at Blackpool Sands Beach, Devon

Rocks at Blackpool Sands Beach, Devon

A bit of free enjoyment at Blackpool Thea lovely painting

A truly lovely holiday sketch Thea! It looks so happy and carefree. Beautiful colouring of the rocks and a great feeling of distance. ( Did I say that correctly, I'm not sure) You'll understand what I mean Thea.

I didn't know that there was a Blackpool sands in Devon. A warm and sunny spot judging from your sketch. I do like the colours used Thea. It has that seaside feel.

Thank you very much Dennis, Satu and Louise for your kind comments. Yes, there is a Blackpool Sands in Devon - it is on on the coast road from Kingsbridge to Dartmouth and is a beautiful bay with cliffs enclosing it. No idea where the 'Blackpool' comes from as that isn't really a Devonshire type name? I spent a day there with the four grandchildren boating, rock-pooling and paddling. More sketches to come when I get around to photographing them.

Hi Thea I thought you were in Blackpool . Any way its a lovely piece of sketchbook painting enjoy yourself and you can put all your sketches on when your back . Take care .

Thanks Dennis - very kind of you. I am home now and after the washing and ironing comes sorting out the sketches I did on holiday.

Glad to see you got some time with your sketchbook Thea! Look forward to seeing more in due course.

Lovely sketch book work Thea, hope you had a good holiday.

Thank you very much Christine and Debs for your kind comments. Yes, more sketches to come and yes, Debs, we had a great holiday but my younger daughter and two smallest grandchildren had to go home two days after arriving as they all went down with stomach bugs, so that was a bit of a disappointment.

Aw what a shame, you'll have to go again. Hope they are ok now. Will write soon, seem to have wall to wall boys at the moment!!

Hope there are more of these to come Thea.......super little sketch!

Thank you, Fiona - I have a few more to come but the washing and ironing has taken precedence so far today! Perhaps I'll have more time tomorrow.

Lovely holiday sketch, Thea. Glad you had a good time.

Love this sketch Thea, I think there is something so great about a sketch book and the freshness of the work you get in sketches, i am a great believer in recording these little snapshots in time when you go anywere, nice one, will be looking at the rest of your work with interest.

I left a comment on here at the weekend but obviously forgot to hit the "add comment" button. This reminded me of a holiday we had in Devon many years ago and I got bad sunstroke on this beach, I've never done that again!! This is a lovely holiday sketch Thea ( makes me think of sandcastles) and brought back many happy memories as well as the sunstroke ones.

A lovely, fresh feel to your sketch Thea! Lovely colours too!

Like the long panoramic view and the little dots of colour

What a wonderful composition, Thea, and such lovely, clear merging and transition of colors. Gorgeous!

Hang on Studio Wall

Done in my sketchbook during my holiday last week in Devon.

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