Brusho Bunny

Brusho Bunny

Thanks, Kirstie - very kind of you. I always use Fabriano Artistico Extra White 300lbs for all my work whatever the medium. It is lovely paper and, as you said, it allows the paint to flow beautifully. Not cheap, but worth every penny in my opinion.

Beautiful bunny Thea. great use of brusho colours. Miss you on the forum Thea. please come back .

Thank you, Syd, for your nice comment. (P.S. I am struggling a bit with a worrying problem with my eyesight at the moment, so am trying to limit 'screen time, so will give the forum a miss for the moment).

Lovely vibrant painting Thea I hope your eyes get sorted but love seeing you posting work , love it.

Lovely vibrant painting Thea.

So colourfull and I love bunny's face, wish I had lashes like that :)

You're so good at this type of Brusho work Thea which I admire greatly even though I dislike the actual name 'Brusho'! This is a super serious bunny. He look as though he's trouble and the good colours add to that special excitement which you always manage to achieve.

I love what you do with Brusho Thea

Wonderful colours and I love bunny's eyelashes Thea.

Very vibrant Thea.....the brusho has a lovely effect.

The bunny is seeing blue! Lovely experiment Thea.

Thank you very much Dennis (and for the kind wishes), Margaret, Val, Louise, Lynn and Carole for your kind comments. He is just a bit of fun - but I learned a lot about how Brusho works when doing it.

Thank you so much Satu and Fiona - have a go at Brusho - you might be surprised how much you like it!

This is fun, Thea - love the eyelashes! (If lack of control appeals, you should try painting on Yupo paper, if you're not already familiar with it - it's a whole new painting experience!)

Very nice bunny, Thea.

Thank you very much Jenny, Dennis and Cesare - much appreciate your kind comments.

I've never used this product the colours are beautiful it's now on my to do list

Hang on Studio Wall

Another attempt at using Brusho. All done by spraying the pigment with water apart from the eyes and nose which were painted with a brush. With Brusho, you seem to have to give up all ideas of preciseness and control and just live with what happens, which is a lot of the appeal. You also have to like bright colours (which luckily I do!).

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