You've all got a lot of teeth Thea! Couldn't mistake it as anyone else's, very good.

Lots of lovely smiley faces Thea, you're good at the one-liners.

Such a happy blind oneliner. Not the most flattering selfie but it's so lively and each face is full of character, possibly because it was drawn 'blind'. You just went for it and it's a success. I love it!

Tremendous Thea, I absolutely love it! An oneliner at its best!

Thank you very much for the lovely comments. I really enjoy doing these one liners as I feel I can get more character into the faces than when I do a more conventional portrait

Great idea and rendition Thea

Love the smiles and the very free and loose lines. Loads of character shining through. Lovely work, Thea!

THANK YOU VERY MUCH, sEOK the faces do end up like characatures but hopefully that gives them some life

Hang on Studio Wall

I took a selfie of myself, Roger (my husband) and Emma (my daughter) and decided to attempt a blind one liner portrait It was tricky with three faces bu apparently I have CHIEVED A DEGREE OF LIKENESSES.

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