Roses Are Red (2nd Red Challenge)

Roses Are Red (2nd Red Challenge)

Absolutely delightful Thea!

Love it Thea lovely tonal exploration

Thank you very much Satu and Dennis - although for me I think the challenge was more about painting roses than the painting having to be done all in red!

Aww love<br />Y roses, what more could we ask for but red roses.

They look like Roses to me and not because of the colour......I like the faint under drawing that is showing through here and there Thea, nice touch.

Thank you very much Carole and Fiona for such nice comments. Fiona, I rather like to see the &#39;bones&#39; of a painting so never try to cover up the pencil lines, which is probably why I like pen work so much as that becomes an integral part of any work.

&#39;A rose by any other name would smell as sweet&#39; and look as pretty as this red rose!

Beautiful Thea! I had in mind to do a red rose next but you beat me to it, maybe I&#39;ll do one in collage.

Very delicate. Lovely, Thea. I haven&#39;t even done the yellow yet.

I was going to try a rose then I spotted this this morning and knew I couldn&#39;t match it so tried something else :) Very minimalistic but very effective Thea.

I think you are even better at running yourself down than I am, Thea! Join the clan! Like you, I also wish I had taken up watercolours much earlier in life. Your roses look very spontaneous and they work for me. So often gay abandon works much better than laborious and slow attention to detail.

Very attractive and clever use of reds Thea. Simple shapes and my goodness, it works well!

Thank you very much Debs, Christine, Gudrun and Val for such nice comments. Looking forward to the collage rose, Christine!

Thank you very much Michael and Louise for such kind comments. Michael, if there was an Olympic sport in running yourself down, I could stand a chance of winning a gold medal! It&#39;s stupid of me really as I should try to have more confidence, but the doubts are often too strong. I am very confident in normal life - it&#39;s just producing art that gives me the shakes.

Nothing rubbishy about this Thea. You&#39;ve conveyed the shape and the construct of the flower very well. Simply elegant!

Thank you very much, Seok, for your continuing encouragement of my efforts.

Hang on Studio Wall

I am rubbish at painting roses but I do have quite a few red ones in my garden, so I thought they would make a good subject for the red challenge. Just a quick one - took about 25 mins max.

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