Mgarr Harbour


Love it! The colours are too beautiful and definitely enhances the scene!!

Glorious array of colours Thalia in a Carnival atmospheric painting.So much to admire.

Joyful scene, beautiful Thalia.

It sings out with its cheerfulness, Thalia.

Love it Thalia, super painting.

So cheerful looking and lovely colours, excellent painting Thalia.

Wow, what a painting. Terrific use of colour. Love it.

Superb painting! Love the colours too

Lovely painting and colourful 😊

Works a treat Thalia

A wonderful lively portrayal of the scene, beautifully painted, Thalia!

What a lovely, lively scene Thalia. This must have been quite a challenge, fitting in all those buildings and boats. Love the fresh style.

A real feel good factor Thalia.

Doesn’t it work well Thalia just love those intense colours.

Wow! Now that's colour, I noticed the shift in style immediately, Thalia, yet fancied it was you. Very eye-catching indeed. Bri

So vibrant, it lifts the spirits.

So so full of life and colour Thalia.

It's fabulous! So much detail, so much interest and of course all the lovely colours! You did a great job here!

Thank you so much, David, Chris, Carole, Marjorie, Denise, Paul, Lewis, Anne, Faye, Heather, Seok, Carole, Elaine, Barry, Brian, Val, Audrey, and Diane. So glad you all liked my painting. It was so interesting to work with all that colour in a way I'm not really used to! Have a look at Klimpts' landscapes, truly inspiring!

Love the bold colours in this.

Thank you, Carrie and Natalja

Terrific combination of colour.

Hang on Studio Wall

Painted in response to a project in the style of Klimpt, this was a really exciting way to paint my harbour scene, with heightened colour and exagerated precise stylised forms.

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