Sunrise Xwejni Bay

Sunrise Xwejni Bay

Fantastic work, Thalia. Good to see the photo of you painting it.

Lovely, Thalia. Captured the early morning sun burning through the mist perfectly.

I hate detail so spot-on Thalia. This has such atmosphere, you've really got this one right!

Lovely colours again Thalia and nice to see the photo as well 😀

Love the limited palette Thalia !!

Just lovely work Thalia. How lucky you are with such scenery.

Thank you so much everybody. As I said yesterday, I'm so incredibly lucky to live here, but also to have found you all!!! Fast it certainly was...about 20 mins on a pre painted imprimatura of FU and RS, I had one extra colour today to get the orangy effect, YO, Thank you, Lewis, Seth, Alan,'s even got sand on it!!! lol. Linda, yes, that was great to have P to take that almost got the dog as well!!! Thanks, Audrey, Jim, and Sandra, the scenery is going to change as next week I will be in Rabat, in the Cittadella painting during my exhibition!

Love the loose effect Thalia, when I do paint in oils and acrylic I find a painting knife a very useful tool.

Really beautiful and magical Thalia.

Lovely work and great palette colours

You have caught the magic. Great colours. Great textures.

Thank you very much, Barry, Carole, Petra, Ellen, Margaret, Maureen, and Gudrun, that's so kind of you all.

Hang on Studio Wall

This really is very loose! There was a small luzzu [Maltese fishing boat] buzzing round so i ticked it in with a detail, as the sun was so low it obliterated any detail. The shadow was changing so fast as I painted, much of this was done with a knife, especially the rocky foreground and salt pans, shining in the sun

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