Maltese Sunset

Maltese Sunset

I love these colourful energetic landscapes. I don't think it needs calming down.

Why calm it down. It's tremendous and has energy and excitement. This is obviously how you are responding to a glorious sunset.

Yes, energy and excitement, like Gudrun said, and the light on the waves is perfect.

Ooh .. cracking . Like it a lot.

Goodness...thank you all so very much for your helpful and encouraging comments! Energy is what you need here, Lewis. You need to be a mountain goat to dive and paint here!!! 96% humidity today, and it's not rain!!! And I'm trying to paint in watercolour!!! Thank you Lewis, John, Gudrun, Linda, Annick and Rachel, all your comments are greatly appreciated

This is gorgeous Thalia, it really stands out in the gallery and of course I knew it was yours at once!

Very effective - great colouring, Thalia

Beautiful, very dynamic, Thalia.

I love the purple and gold in this which gives it a divine feel.

Posted on Thu 05 Apr 21:37:41

Lovely, lively and colourful. I wouldn't calm it down, that is your style and it works.

Very dramatic and it’s got drama by the bucketful

All the above comments say it oozes from a beautiful painting Thalia.

Love this :)

Thank you very much Ibolya, Sandra, Dermot, Shirley, Alan G, Margaret, Maureen and Cesare, your comments are really helpful and iam very grateful to you all, Thank You all!

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This is another attempt at our beautiful sunsets! I was also having a go at painting the sea following techniques by Ivan Aivazovskiy, whose exquisite paintings I admire so very much. I feel that this piece needs calming down, though it follows the light on the waves which was what I was trying to achieve, but again my edges need softening I think!

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