Xlendi Jetty


As a fan of bright colour I think this is great, glad you didn't tear it up.

Certainly works for me Thalia certainly not one to tear up.

Works for me Thalia

Very nicely done, I like the bright colours you always seem to use.

Fabulous painting Thalia

Lovely colours Thalia. Glad you didn’t tear it up.

Aww! Thanks everyone! I'm even more pleased now that I didn't tear it up! Greatly appreciate your comments, Lewis,...yes we need bright colours as autumn sets in! Thanks, Barry, Heather, Paul, Russell, and Carole!

Works definitely works Thalia

Once again you have used really eye catching colours to enliven this painting - really like it Thalia.

really bright energetic painting which put a smile on my face

Thank you so very much, Dennis, Shaun, and Paul

Thalia I agree with the rest of the comments. This is beautifully done and I think you have the colour balance just right.

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Almost tore this one up, as the water was so intense...then I made the rest of the tiny miniature painting just as intense, and I feel it now works!

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