The Flower Seller Valletta

The Flower Seller Valletta

Bright and colourful, it looks like you have the sun back.

I always like the intense reds you put in your paintings, brings a painting alive.

The cropping must have worked because this is a great composition. I love the way you leave the White amongst the flowers and tree foliage. The figures are so well positioned.

It’s beautiful Thalia, I admit I crop paintings quite a bit. The figures lead you into the painting.

Love tha splash of blue near those luscious, orangey/browns Thalia.

Beautiful scene and colours, Thalia.

Lovely fresh painting Thalia

Nice to see your work as vibrant as ever, lovely work. Just a note, the t**t word you have used is not what is expected on a site which 'could' have children viewing with adults. Whether you edit or not is up to you, of course.

Posted by C Jones on Mon 18 Feb 11:03:02

Bight & airy you have a lovely palette.

Who would have known Thalia? Looks great to me.

Gorgeous Valletta colours Thalia.

Full of life and so colourful, great, Thalia.

Profuse apologies meant to write the word "twit". Now changed appropriately, thanks for the head's up, CA Jones, and for your kind comment. Thanks, Lewis, yes sunny but still cold, thanks, Stephen I love red,too, thanks for your perceptive comment, Diana, and Ellen, Carole, Cesare Dennis, Brian and Jim, you are all very kind and help me make future decisions based on your thoughts.

Thank you very much Alan and Mia, I really appreciate your help.

I thought a lady of your standing, here, in the gallery wouldn't use a word like that. I'm so relieved you didn't take offense. I enjoy viewing your work, even though I don't always comment. Cheers Thalia :)

Posted by C Jones on Mon 18 Feb 16:57:43

Wonderful contrasts and colours Thalia.

Beautifully painted Thalia, your cropping seems to have worked very well, great figures again.

Gorgeous colours, and love the way you have done the flowers.

Those bright sunny colours clearly speak of a Mediteranean scene, very effective, good figures too.

Very eye-catching painting - love the strong bright colours, Thalia

Thank you, CA Jones!!! I had no idea that was what it meant...must be more innocent than I thought!!! Thank you so very much for putting me right!!! And for such a kind comment. Thank you, Fiona, David..I have to hold my breath when I paint figures, especially plein air! Thank you, Margaret Stephen and Maureen. These are really kind comments.

Sorry, Gudrun, I don't mean to tantalize you!!! Thanks for looking and the helpful comments are much appreciated!

I have one of your lovely paintings hang in my Gozo home - love it xx

Hang on Studio Wall

Amazing what a little cropping can do! I took a very fast photo in Republik Street Valletta, it seemed to have very strange perspective. I painted from it...twit that I am!!! I have now cropped the left side by about 10 cms!

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