Tiny Olive Grove in Sunshine

Tiny Olive Grove in Sunshine

Reminds me so much of walking through an olive grove cracking Thalia.

Superb colour combinations and a feeling of shade and sunshine.

Interesting how we look at things differently after a while, it's got to be that we become more objective after time has passed. A lovely painting Thalia, agree with Stephen.

Beautiful painting Thalia.

The light speaks for itself. Great painting

Gorgeous, so misty and dreary here Thalia.

Love the pattern of the trees with that subtle. Light seeping through. Great stuff Thalia.

I missed this earlier. What a stunner Thalia, good depth in those shadows.

Yes, it certainly does make a difference, Marjorie. When I looked at this at first, I nearly scrapped it...then I played around with a bit of pale blue paper....yeah I could use the computer...far beyond my skills!!! To take out the intrusive building seemed to make it better. Thanks everyone for your comments...the weather here is gorgeous, you'd best come over, Carole!!!Thank you Barry, Stephen, Marjorie, Sandra, Tony, Carole S, Carole K, and Dennis, you're all very kind and much appreciated

Almost missed this one, Thalia. Wonderful painting.

Love the small wall , shadows, and tree trunks.

Well I did miss this earlier - quite a stunner Thalia - long time since I visited Gozo and it brings back memories.

Hang on Studio Wall

Another revisited plein air, where I felt that the building on the right was too dominant, so I took it out completely and feel this is now a better composition. This is a tiny olive grove in the lovely Xaghra [Shahra] Valley.

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