Doranne Alden



Doranne Alden was born in Malta in 1963 and is a professional Art Tutor, Artist and Graphic Designer who has over 40 years experience in the Art world and also has been holding painting holidays and workshops at her beautiful 300 year old farmhouse on the Island of Gozo for the last 8 years. At the same time her artistic and teaching career has taken her overseas as an art tutor at the well known Watermill in Posara 2014/16 and also worked as an artist and tutor while living in Germany for 7 years, from 1996 to 2003. In all Doranne Alden has worked as an art teacher for the last 20 years working with various ages and levels of students. She also taught in Private Schools and Art clubs. Over the years both foreign and local media have greeted Doranne Alden’s art with positive acclaim – in fact her work has been referred to as ‘little jewels of art’ in the ‘Ammersee Kurier’ Germany; also ‘natural without being too realistic’ a phrase used by Thomas Wellens in the ‘Weilheim Tablett’ Germany; “the mixture of colour and form are the very strength of Doranne Alden” - Starnberger Merkur, Germany; Marika Azzopardi coined the epithet ‘warmth and mouth-watering mellowness’ for her fruit (pears) in the ‘Weekender’ the culture section of ‘The Times of Malta’ . Her paintings have appeared on art programs, newspapers and magazines among them - the Artist magazine, the Leisure Painter magazine and also the Artists and Illustrators magazine. She has also appeared on Maltese Art Programmes on TV. She is a positive artist who shares this philosophy through her work and her teaching methods. If would like to know more about her painting holidays on Gozo please visit her site -