Taking Stock

Taking Stock

What a beautiful painting to wake up to. As you say Thalia, the colours are gorgeous.

That's a superb watercolour, Thalia. The flowers loosely painted, but still an accurate depiction of these blooms...I'd be trying to paint each petal.

Wow, this is stunning!!! Love the loose way you've painted this.. and the colours are so vibrant..

They are an intense colour Thalia, you are so versatile in your subjects,.

That is great!!! super loose work, great jug Thalia!!!

Wow.....stunning painting!

Lovely work catching the white jug so well Thalia. Great use of negative space.

Wow I bet that smells amazing Thalia, I love the night scented stock. Your painting is beautiful, I love the way you have blended the colours together, and the shadow on the white vase really sets it all off. Beautifully painted 😀

Lovely floral work Thalia, the shadow on the vase works so well.

Sounds beautiful, (the smell from those feilds.) Just like your painting.

Stunning Thalia, such lovely rich darks and the delicacy of the jug.

Great work!

Posted by T H on Thu 17 May 11:11:07

I'm speechless Thalia. Such a lovely technique and masterful result.

Posted on Thu 17 May 11:39:46

I'm totally overwhelmed at all your lovely comments, thank you so very much, Seth, Lewis, Rachel, Alan, Guy Sylvia, Jim, Linda, Stephen, Lesley, Val, Timothy and Ibolya. I don't know what to say [for once!!!] Yes i really try to be as loose as possible and deliberately use a huge sword brush which you can't use in a tight manner...it does the work for me so I feel a cheat!!! The jug...thought I had a problem with it as our weather has been so changeable this week, and the shadow just disappeared so had to paint it from memory..not my strong point!!! Jim, I try to paint the negative shapes as much as I can, such an easy way to see things accurately. Alan, thank you for that comment about being versatile, we have such a diverse audience here in our shop that I've had to paint whatever and wherever I can! Thank you everyone for such lovely comments, they are really appreciated.

Love the colours and the "negative" vase shading.

Really gorgeous, love the colours and the shadow on the jug, beautiful Thalia.

Now you are talking my language Thalia, this is absolutely beautiful, the colours are sumptuous, I like it very much. My first love is to paint flowers!

Yes, totally agree Margaret, my first ever paintings in water colour were all flowers...but I love boats so much...!!! Thank you Richard, you're very kind to say so, thanks Glennis and Carole, such lovely comments, a huge thank you to you all for looking and commenting!

Wow, Thalia this is absolutely stunning.

Absolutely beautiful Thalia. Fields of stock sound just wonderful.

Your flowers are so vibrant and lovely against the white jug and flowing washes, Thalia

Thank you so very much Michael, Emma, Tessa, and Maureen, you're all so very kind. I was not at all sure whether I'd overdone the darks in this one! everyone has reassured me!!

So well captured Thalia, love the jug.

Absolutely beautiful colours.

Thank you very much, Fiona and Sandra, that's so kind of you

Thalia, this stupendous. I love it.

A lovely, loose painting and a good title as well!

Hang on Studio Wall

Pardon the pun but it had to be called that, didn't it!!! Farmers here grow fields full of stocks for seeds. The smell is simply gorgeous early morning as we walk the dog. Philip bought these in our local wholesale greengrocer for a Euro. The colours are stunning, so intense!

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