Work in progress

Work in progress

I like the composition of this and the colour palette. Just an observation, what if you lowered the sunrise behind the mountain so it stands out starkly. Also lighten the sea behind the foreground for some reason. Many thanks for the kind remarks about my work. Steve.

So far so good. Stephen's suggestion is a good one. Artistic licence ....

I'm no expert but for me just a small variation in the tone in the dark foreground would be enough, the rest is great. I love the sky.

Awww, thanks, Stephen and Gudrun, just about to start work on this again, so really helpful and timely advice .I will try that, and yes I agree, Val, I felt a touch of scumbled greenish paint one half tone paler might fit the bill!! Thank you Margaret, that's so kind. Watch this space!!! will post this again and next stage when I've done some more to it.

Beautiful sky, Thalia. I do see what you mean regarding the vegetation.

Thanks Seth, yes, I'm working on it as I write, Thanks for looking. Will post when more done...a painting's never finished eh!! Just abandoned...someone famous said that can't remember who!!!

All in all it's a very attractive painting in its own way Thalia. Personally. I wouldn't do very much at it. Two small birds in the far right distance winging home to give it life. Just a view.

I think it's beautiful Thalia, just a bit of light on the water in the bay perhaps ?

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This is a sunrise over Xwejni Bay, looking down into the tiny bay, just as the sunrises behind the big rock. I feel i need to do a little more work on this one and would be very grateful for comments. I think I need to work into the very dark foreground as the camera doesn't catch the vegetation. What do you guys think?

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