Shady Alley Mdina

Shady Alley Mdina

It's beautiful, love the way youve captured the shadows especially the one on the left. good luck with your exhibition

That's beautifully done. The sun-baked Mediterranean...just right.

Looks a marvellous place Thalia, lovely painting.

Oh yes, you've succeeded Thalia, spot on.

I marvel at how you can paint so small Thalia, so successfully! Another delightful scene. Love the tree on the right.

Lovely watercolour Thalia, as you say in your blurb, you have got those deep shadows just right. An old artist who used to go to the art group, always urged me to 'bang on the darks Steve'. It certainly makes a difference, as we see here.

Wonderful feeling of light and shade, Thalia, on this remarkable painting. It looks as if it should be SO much bigger. To put it into perspective, this post is 8 x 5 ins. Made me smile. Bri

The alley way may be shady but the sunshine stands out.

Another little gem Thalia. What a beautiful place to live in. Makes you want to flee the prospect of the wintry UK.

Like it Thalia, lovely washes, especially those tree's 😀

Love the way you did the tree!

Posted by T H on Wed 05 Sep 13:36:55

Lovely atmospheric feel to this Thalia. I can almost hear a bee buzzing in the silence...(-:

You manage to put so much detail into your tiny paintings Thalia, and they look so good.

Thank you so very much, Rachel, Lewis, Carole, Alan...thanks for that as I'm never certain! Thank you Tessa, really kind of you, yes indeed, Stephen, Bang on the darks says it all! Thanks very much, Brian, that's so kind of you, Thanks Tony, Carole and Linda, really kind of you to say so!

Thank you, Timothy, Jim and Margaret, your comments are very much appreciated and taken on board!

Great dark / light contrast, another beauty Thalia.

Lovely skilful handling of the watercolour- great touch.

Perfect Thalia!

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Really enjoyed getting the sunlight right on this by deepening the shadows. I left the trees till last, and really concentrated on getting the colour correct for the sunlit areas. Hope it succeeded! Another tiny one, 3x5ins, on the table at the exhibition!

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