Kirsty 15 minutes

Kirsty 15 minutes

Excellent work, Thalia. Especially for 15 minutes. Quite a few people seem to be doing life studies at the moment. I think if I did it I'd prefer to do it live, as you do, rather than one of these on-line courses.

Great pose, your signature vibrant colour too.

Incredible in 15 mins . Well done Thalia

Indeed, Lewis, you are absolutely right, I always work from life whenever I can, 3D gives so much more depth. I've tried working from CD and book images, they help if you've nothing else. We are so lucky to have Jimmy and Kirsty, we paid only 80E for 3 terms...a bargain!!! Thank you Margaret Carole and Dennis, really kind comments. Dennis, I'm too fast sometimes, if I slow down I over think it and make a mess! I often throw out any longer poses!

Hang on Studio Wall

Our star model! Unfortunately I accidentally gave her a black eye...impossible to remove when working fast wet in wet on this rough Khadi paper! How she held that pose for 15 minutes I don't know!

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