Last Glow

Last Glow

Fantastic sky, Thalia. Lovely atmospheric painting.

Crikey Thalia, never saw skies like that when I've been over there. A rather splendid piece which deserves to be accepted, I'm confident that it will.

Very moody. Great work!

Posted by T H on Sun 20 May 07:52:39

High drama. Like it.

That's stunning Thalia. Drama and beauty mixing cleverly.

Wonderful, Thalia. I sometimes think those “darkest darks” are the hardest part to get right, for me at least, but I’ve realised that unless you get those right, the rest doesn’t make sense. You’ve got this beautifully!

Powerful and atmospeheric painting,Thalia. Classy work. Great moody sky.

A wonderful sky in this painting Thalia, good luck with the exhibition 😀

Wonderfully atmospheric!

Thank you very much indeed Seth, Alan [you needed to be in our flat'd be very welcome!!] Timothy, Lewis...both of you really kind comments! Michael, Tessa, Jim, Linda and Jacky a huge thank you, you're all so very kind

Beautifully atmospheric, Thalia. I love that sky.

Really like the contrast of light and dark in this, it's very dramatic, !!!!

I don’t think this will be coming back from the exhibition Thalia! Dramatic!

Wow, so dark and atmospheric Thalia, it's fantastic!

Wonderful light against the rich dark colours, stunning.

Wonderful scene and dramatic sky, Thalia.

Thank you Rachel, Fiona, Margaret, Sandra and Cesare you are so very kind but sorry to say, Fiona, paintings like this don't often sell over here. I'm out on a limb here with my style I'm afraid

I like this :)

Hang on Studio Wall
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This tiny plein air will, I hope, go in my exhibition in the Cittadella in June...if the frames are ready from our framer!

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