Can’t remember where or when.

Can’t remember where or when.

You've caught her pose perfectly with just a few lines. It's an excellent life drawing Sylvia and how I wish I'd kept mine!

Thank you Louise . I have had bonfires when the pile got too high .

You drew what you saw and did it well Sylvia. I agree, less is often more in art.

Very well drawn, a few lines a little shading, very convincing.

Less is more really works here, a lovely free life drawing.

Thank for looking chaps 🙃

And it's very stylish Sylvia.

Looks great, Sylvia. Wish I could draw figures.

Actually sylvia this brings to mind, in style and handling of line, even the tinted paper, the work of michelangelo. Even the unfinished look recalls the great florentine.

Thankyou sylvia for your kindness and support.

When I see life drawings like this I want to pick up where I left off donkey's year's ago at college. BUT, I can't do everything, and am happy working on my landscapes for the time being. Like you Sylvia, I have A1 folders stacked to the gunnels with the things, some I've burnt over the years but others I had to keep to look back on. Anyway, I'm impressed with this piece, but I've seen other life stuff of yours so I know what to expect.

This is very good Sylvia, just enough drawing, love it left like this.

It has a been said. Less is more. Really like uncomplicated artwork.

It is lovely to see the positive comments. Thank you everyone .

Wish I could do this Sylvia, it’s gorgeous.

Less is more when it's as precise as this Sylvia, brilliant drawing.

Fiona, Russell, Margaret I’m pleased you enjoyed my Can’t remember pic. It’s quite good fun sifting through the archives...

Very effective life drawing Sylvia.

Wonderful drawing Sylvia, you got very much with few lines.

Its really good work Sylvia, if only you had finished it.

That’s funny John my headless lady. And thankyou Sandra and Cesare . 😊

What a fantastically bold and confident drawing I think it’s worth framing!

Thanks Diana 😊

Well captured.

I love this.

Thank you again Jill. 😊

Hang on Studio Wall

I did this so long ago when I first started life drawing. Charcoal on newsprint about A1 size. Probably a 15 min pose . Sometimes I think less is more .

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