Forum November challenge .Fungi.


Very nice Sylvia, they look delicious too.

Really like the way you've drawn and painted these.

Love the free pen work Sylvia, very descriptive of the shapes of the mushrooms. There have been quite a lot of fungi around my garden this year. No field mushrooms though, or blue stalks yet. Some I wouldn’t want to put in the pan. I’m going to have a go later, found a couple of interesting ones....good challenge.

Unfortunately fungi and rain don’t gel, I’ve searched around and not a sign of one which is hardly surprising! Yes, super sketchbook work Sylvia.

Lovely pen and wash - so lively.

Thank you ,everyone. It’s a nice challenge it’s on the forum if anyone else is going to have a go.

Lovely colourful sketch, Sylvia.

I like your pen work Sylvia and great colours!

Very nicely painted, we had lots in the garden about a month ago but they all seem to have disappeared !!!

Love the pen work Sylvia, lively contribution to the challenge..

Thank you ladies...appreciated .

Sylvia, you say the most encouraging things to me, I thank you very much. It’s people like yourself that have encouraged and supported me from my beginnings in painting ten years or so ago, that have made such a difference. If not for you and others, I could have packed the whole arty thing in, even before I had had a good crack at it. Thanks again. X

Hang on Studio Wall

Not much fungi around his year. These are field mushrooms I gathered last year, a daily task in the Autumn . Koh i Nor inks in A 4 Moleskine sketch book. .If I remember rightly they were delicious . A nice challenge, thanks

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