Poppies for Ruth.

Poppies for Ruth.

Good memories eh? It exudes joyfulness.

Eye popping poppies!

I don't know about you Sylvia, but I look back on some of my old paintings and wonder how I painted them :) They do bring back memories though don't they and this is certainly a lovely painting.

Louise I do just that I think oh did I do that...! One of my favourite artists Ralph Thompson ( Dance of the Brush) Wonderful loose wildlife drawings he also illustrated books for Gerald Durrell . Apparently he said exactly the same thing when he was in his 90s ...so we are in good company. So pleased you all like it I do remember I so enjoyed painting it.

Ah - so Spring like and couldn't we do with a bit of that sort of cheer at this time of the year. Lovely to see such cheerful flowers and such a pretty arrangement. Super stuff, Sylvia.

Lovely explosion of colours to cheer us up in bleak November.

Im in two minds really lol. 1 each. x

Ooh the essence of Summer, beautiful. Lovely to look back on paintings Sylvia.

I do love compositions exploding with colourful flowers. This is very beautiful and I could look at it for hours !

Thank you everyone for happy comments.

This is great, Sylvia. I admire your patience: all those beautiful details!

Lovely work Sylvia with some stunning colours, I rarely look back at my old stuff, I have to move on.

Thanks Mia and Alan. I don't normally look back Alan but at the moment it's something to do and I often think...how on earth did I do that. Plus the friend I gave it to was here yesterday so we were in looking back mode .

A lovely mixture of shapes and colours, Sylvia. Love it!

A gorgeous 'bloomin' painting Sylvia, I love the wonderful colours you have used, super work.

Such a bright and cheerful painting Sylvia, love it.

Glorious bursts of colour, Sylvia, How large was it? It must look beautiful on a wall. As you and Louise both say, I too look back and wonder how ever I painted some of my old paintings, I can hardly believe that I did, sometimes. This one is full of light and colour, very cheering.

Thank you everyone for looking and commenting. Ruth if I remember correctly it is about four foot square as it is M D F it's heavy . When I gave it to my friend I suggested they hung it over any dodgy plaster, it's big enough to cover a multitude of sins.

I see, go to the top of the class.

Hang on Studio Wall

This is another resurrected painting I first posted this some seven years ago...but painted at least ten years ago. It is acrylic on M D F and LARGE . I gave it to a special friend for a big birthday. I remember having a wonderful time painting this taking individual flowers from the garden.

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