Challenge 4B

Challenge 4B

These two colours do make good landscape colours....great darks and mid-tones. And if you turn out paintings like this from a visit to the cemetery, I must try it for inspiration one of these days!

They are good landscape colours. Amazing isn't it that it only takes two to get these tones?

Thanks for your reaction Fiona and Louise. I agree, these are great for a naturalistic landscape, and I will be using them more often.

The thing I like about this painting is that you have been brave enough to leave a lot of white paper (which equals light in my book) in the centre of the painting. The darker trees and grass frames this centre section and makes a really good light and airy painting. The painting is even better as you have only used two colours.

Hang on Studio Wall

Frustrated by today's first attempt, I headed off to the local cemetery as one does when in need of cheering up, armed with my tubes of Quinacridone Gold and Ultramarine Violet. I really like this combination.

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