Challenge 4

Challenge 4

Beautiful and rich combinations, Sharon. I love the composition too.

The two colours make an attractive sky colour, a mix that I wouldn't have thought of using until seeing them here. We must be learning so much from these challenges but I'm just a little worried as to which difficult combination Robert might suggest next. I suspect that you're finding all this just as interesting as I am. Broken glasses might be a problem

I rather like this gold. Carry on experiementing with it.

Lovely effect of this colour match Sharon.

This works really well and actually looks just like a normal painting rather than one specifically done in two colours - so you did really well to pull that one off. I like the choices you made about how to use the colours to best effect.

Wow this is unbelievable that it is only two pigments as there appears to be an almost full palette - superb

Appreciate your generous comments. I was also surprised at the range these two pigments covered, a real discovery for me.

Hang on Studio Wall

Trying to do a different two-pigment combination a day. Thought I'd give the flowers a rest for today's attempt. This is how I remember the umbrella-pine forests in the South of France, done with Quinacridone Gold and Ultramarine Violet. I really liked the way they made some lovely green and bluish greys in the background, but found it difficult to get some warmth into the foreground, and indicate the heat. Could do with some burnt sienna perhaps. Meantime I have dropped and broken my glasses, so my vision may be a bit blurred !

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