Fabulous charcoal, really like the way you have sketched the trees and in particular the branches coming off the main trunk

This is beautifully drawn Seok. A wonderful scene.

Lovely charcoal sketch. All works well 👌

This is so interesting Seok, the eye just flies around. The stars are those branches where you’ve taken away the charcoal. I don’t think you could better this in a painting - charcoal certainly has its moments.

A super drawing, Seok. Well done.

Absolutely brilliant so beautifully drawn , well done Seok.

Superbly drawn. Here and there so much suggested with a few marks. Top class work.

Excellent drawing Seok. The very pale trunk on the right adds light and contrast to the scene.

Superb charcoal drawing Seok. Wonderful range of tones and marks……very striking.

Love everything about this Seok.

What a lovely sensitive drawing .

This is great Seok, excellently drawn and a great feeling of depth

This is really great !

What a lovely scene Seok and great skill with the charcoal, ideal for trees.

Excellent drawing, Seok!

Thank you very much, everyone!

Excellent sketch Seok, funnily i have just done a trees sketch which i will put up on Monday. Super lights , darks and mark making

Thank you very much, David!

Wonderful sketching.

Amazing charcoal drawing Seok, love it.

Wonderful Seok, complex marking, great effect.

A lovely charcoal sketch Seok.

Superb Seok, so well drawn.

Thank you very much, Stephen, Carole, Willie, David and Val!

Hang on Studio Wall

Charcoal on Fabriano Academia Drawing Paper. The French countryside in autumn. Echenevex, France.

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