A companion piece - Entrance and Exit

Febriaru 18th 22

Lovely Robert, I like all those grasses and use of colour

Excellent use of colour, has a real feel of movement.

A quality painting Robert beautifully done. You make it look effortless.

Love it. I like to crib from other artists. (How's he done the grass? Some detail in the foreground, then suggested elsewhere. Totally effective.)

Beautiful painting, Robert - I love the colours, and you've painted just the right amount of detail...

Those are some magnificent trees Robert. I like them very much.

Like this Robert , the trees are really good.

It's a wonderful painting Robert. The grasses look so good. I love trees in a field, I don't know why I don't try and paint them. Lovely painting.

Lovely Robert. Wonder what's the other side of the trees. Very effective 🙂

Love the diagonals leading the viewer through those trees and the colour of the grasses is very alluring Robert.

Thank you, all - and Denise: I don't know why you don't paint them, either! Have a go. Interesting about detail - it's perhaps easier in watercolour to balance out the amount of detail as opposed to the broader strokes and washes: I have a strong dislike of 'fiddled-with' watercolours: and may lose a bit of subtlety as a result ... perhaps a lack of 'finish'. Still - we do what we like to do and enjoy doing in the end: and I like to mix my paint and bang it on rather than be too careful with it. Those are my excuses, anyway.

Excellent. Nice Feel.

This is really nice Robert

Lovely watercolour - I love your palette.

Anyone interested in the palette, given someone mentioned it? You know me: generous: so here we go - Ultramarine; Light Red; Burnt Sienna; Raw Sienna; Yellow Ochre; Rose Madder (Hue); and..... wonder what that green was: viridian? And a minuscule touch of white gouache: Naples Yellow would have done rather than white gouache, if I'd had any. Thank 'ee to the further commentators.

I didn’t initially recognise this as watercolour Robert. You’ve achieved a depth of colour more like an oil! I really like the sense of movement here also. Good one!

Excellent detailed work in watercolour Robert. Like Tessa, I originally thought it was oils.

What a beauty Robert! That footpath really draws you in and makes you wonder what lies beyond.

Lovely rich colours.

Nice warm colour palette, could do with warmth at the moment, I see on weather forecast you have the brunt of storm Eunice! Lovely trees and grasses, a real sense of atmosphere.

Excellent painting

Interesting that some thought this an oil...... wouldn't have occurred to me. But, maybe it's because I use strong colour in watercolour? I think we should - I would never pretend to be a great watercolour painter, but the painters I admire most in watercolour were never afraid of COLOUR, tone, and contrast. I don't pretend I bring anything extra to watercolour, but whenever I've taught, I've always advised people to maximize colour contrast, tonal contrast, and to make the best of the strength watercolours can achieve. Alternative approaches are most certainly available, but I do think too many of us settle for pale washes. Anyway - go and watch Alan Owen - he'll teach you all you need to know about watercolour.

Nice one Robert!!

Hang on Studio Wall

Quarter imperial watercolour on Arches - a version of an oil I did in 2018, minus snow.

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