Without Hope

Without Hope

Lovely expressive, characterful pencil portrait Chris, your skill superbly shown here, really good eyes

Hi Val, I am not experienced enough to give constructive criticism, but I will say the eyes are very good and the way you have captured the light on the face, so nice one!

Oops!!!!! sorry Val! It wasnt until i looked back on this that i realised this is one of yours and not Chris's, cant apologise enough about that!! Id like to say a typical Sunday morning blooper but really no excuse!

A very powerful image, the eyes say everything. Like the strong tone in the top left and the way you've drawn the lines on his face.

I'm not by any means a portrait expert, Val, but it looks good to me. The expression is very intriguing, and the tonal work is excellent. Like Lesley, I think it is a really powerful image.

Thank you Ros, Chris, Lesley and Seok for your very generous and kind remarks. Ros, no apologies necessary. I'm very flattered that you could mistake one of mine for one of Chris' but I'm not so sure that Chris would be very happy about it LOL

This is so good Val, such a strong image that matches the title perfectly.

OMG Val, this is amazing!! Fantastic drawing - you should do more and more of these - please!

Val I think this is really good . I would love to learn how to do figurative drawing - I will get around to it one day !!

Many thanks for taking a peek and leaving your lovely comments Debs, Thea and Denise, much appreciated. After seeing this on the screen I dived in again with a pencil to try and improve bits that I wasn't happy with, not sure if I succeeded though LOL

Hi Val just seen your great comment on my horse head pastel portrait, thanks so much for that

You will have succeeded, this is just Brilliant.

Hang on Studio Wall

Lacking in inspiration again I thought a little practise in drawing would help me with my life drawing classes, I certainly need to practise some more LOL. I know there is a lot wrong with this so any constructive criticism will be most welcome. Thanks for looking.

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