Dornoch Cathedral ( The rear)

Dornoch Cathedral ( The rear)

You've made an excellent job of this lovely painting Val. I like the way you have just added a few marks to represent the stonework and the grass is so good, I like the sky too! It all works well together.

Thanks Margaret, the perspective is a little out and at least one of the gravestones looks as though it's falling over even though it's not meant to be, but I was pleased with the grass as anything green I struggle with :)

Nicely drawn Val. It can be risky indicating stone work but you've got it right.

Great job Val, I wouldn't have a clue where to start on something like this. Love you're warm soft colours.

I’ve only seen the front view Val but the rear is just as interesting. You’ve caught that gorgeous red sandstone colour of the old buildings of Dornoch......I like the old Gaol, which is a gallery, as you probably know. All the greens and pinks are a lovely combination.

I love a good cemetery! I genuinely do , especially really old ones. I like the effective suggestions of brickwork and the leaded windows as well as grass

The colours you've used really light this up Val. The green , with just a touch of warmth is very good( why is green so hard? Blue isn't!🤔). I particularly like the glass effect in the windows.

Those greens are gorgeous, so well painted, and the stonework is excellent. A really good painting, Val, of an exceedingly difficult subject.

Thank you everyone for your kind comments. I've just altered the blurb about this painting....I know Dornoch is in the east of Scotland but my hand for some reason decided to type west....:)

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Watercolour. Buildings aren't usually my thing but I thought I'd give this a go and I'm posting it even though, as a teacher would say, "could do better". This is the rear of Dornoch Cathedral in north east Scotland where Madonna and Guy Ritchie got married many years ago. Thanks for looking.

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