Snowdrops. Happy New Year!

Snowdrops. Happy New Year!

Thank you Val for the good wishes with this very sweet little painting and very Happy New Year to you too!

Very handsome they are too - and Happy New Year.

Beautifully painted Val, and all the best to you also in 2016.

Lovely painting Val, looking forward to seeing these little beauties appearing soon. Happy NewYear to you too.

Hopefully some of these will be appearing soon, Happy new Year.

Posted by K 0 on Fri 01 Jan 13:58:42

This quick one is very pleasing to the eye.lovely shapes. A very happy new year to you.

A picture of purity Val, a clean sheet, a new year. <br /><br />Your Snowdrop symbolises the beginning of something new and is thought to help overcome situations that seem hopeless. <br /><br />I hope your year will be full of wonderful surprises Val, thank you for your message, okay where we are but not so a few miles away. X<br /><br /> <br />

They&#39;re beautiful Val, Thank You so much and Happy New Year to You :)

Might be a quick one but still stunning - happy new year

One of my favourite flowers so beautifully painted. Happy New Year to you.

Love this cool almost iridescent background against the lovely flowers Val. Beautiful, Happy and Healthy New Year to you.

Thank you so much everyone for your lovely comments.

Beautiful little flowers, and yes, makes one long for Spring.

Thank you Chandra, much appreciated.

Hang on Studio Wall

Just a quick one so I can wish everyone on POL all the best for the New Year and Happy Painting.

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