Ardvreck Castle, Loch Assynt for Alan Bickley

Ardvreck Castle, Loch Assynt for Alan Bickley

I like it, and I don&#39;t think &quot;oomph&quot; is always the point. You caught the castle in a different mood, on a different day, and in a different medium - although of course watercolour can be dramatic , if you want it to be. <br /><br />I&#39;m not keen on comparing artists or artworks on the whole - of course there&#39;s dull, pedestrian work, and it gets shown up against spirited brushwork and vibrant colour, but this isn&#39;t dull, or pedestrian: it gives us another view, that&#39;s all. A calmer, more reflective view: and I can see from your painting that I wouldn&#39;t be able to live in the castle, which is a bit of a disappointment ..... I had the bags packed and everything.... I&#39;d really like to live in a castle, with superb views without, and winding, mysterious corridors leading to secret rooms within: but it looks as though most of Ardvreck has had an appointment with the destructive passage of time and has allowed it to take a wicked advantage. I had similar designs on Urquart Castle on Loch Ness - I shall find my bolt-hole, one day.....

I agree with Robert, a totally different approach and medium but an equally excellent study Val. It does look as though it is eroding away under the heavy Scottish winter&#39;s but it&#39;s still an appealing structure all the same. I think that I could make a studio in that turret part - bit dark though. Good solid landscape all the same, well done and thanks for sharing it.

This is Ardvrek on a good day Val, I agree with the gents this view has many moods. You have caught that soft and warmer side of Ardvrek. I think I&#39;ve got a couple of the castle lurking somewhere and they look different again. I&#39;ll look them out.

I like it too Val, lovely soft colour scheme, it works very well!

Well I like it.

I think subtlety often wins over the ones that smack you in the chops and this one is lovely and subtle with gentle flowing lines. You were right to post it, Val!

Oomph or not Val this is a gentle painting with a wonderful sky.

Thank you so much everyone I&#39;m a bit gobsmacked at your complimentary comments. I really wasn&#39;t happy with this and had to rescue it from my &quot;scrap paper&quot; pile ( luckily I hadn&#39;t ripped it in half as I normally do ), but I&#39;m looking at it in a different light now. No pun intended :)

I like it too, Val, it exudes tranquility and charm. Certainly does not lack an oomph, in my opinion.

I personally do not think oomph has anything to do with this, for me when I walk the hills and see these old buildings be they castles or bothies for me personally, it is something that came from nature, ie the stone, slowly going back to nature and there is no oomph in that, I like your painting I love the blending of the colours , nice one.

Hang on Studio Wall

I wouldn't have bothered posting this one but Alan asked to see it after he posted one of the castle and I said my attempt was dull and boring compared to his version. I think this proves I was right. Definitely missing some ooomph.

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