Vattersay Machair

Vattersay Machair

The horizon isn't quite straight but that's down to my photography, honestly :)

Well I never find beaches as lovely as this one, and that water is superb Val, the different colours are spot-on. Nice work indeed. I'll take your word about the sand!

How lovely - a desolate beach and a sweeping vista - my idea of heaven. I rather like the pink tinge to the sand (which often does show that colour tone) as it makes a nice contrast with the coolness of the sea. Super work, Val.

This gives a lovely warm feeling Val. The sky is fantastic. Beautiful colours in foreground.

You've caught the tropical blue sea of the Hebrides perfectly.

Posted by K 0 on Tue 14 Jul 08:43:02

Soft, tranquil and so inviting. A lovely piece, Val!

A big thank you everyone.

So well depicted of the area's beaches Val. If I remember rightly the beaches around the Torridon area have a pinky tinge to them. Have you been to 'Oldshoremore' this reminds me of there.....gorgeous.

Hang on Studio Wall

Soft pastel on colourfix. Sorry, not the best of photos ( the beach seems to have a pinkish tinge for some reason ) it's very dull here and now it's poring down!! C and C welcome and thanks for looking.

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