Mute Swan Birnie Loch

Mute Swan Birnie Loch

The water looks funky Poppy! Your hubby needs specs, or new ones! Lol! Well, maybe he means the colour... but you are a painter so you could make the water pink with green stripes if you wish.. Now, that really would be funky.. Nice work John

As John said it looks funky and I like it. The colours are not copied colours from a photo and you have made it look as water with the ripples. I am going to be horrible but I would have painted the subject on a portrait orientation instead of landscape or a square and it would have given a bigger impact. Otherwise no problem at all.

Hi Val. Thank you for the invite to this ever your brilliant colourful style...I understand what Beatrice says..but I prefer the landscape format you have used allows that water to work...Oils? Looks like an acrylic and my favorite colours & white..

Thanks John, Beatrice and Phil for your lovely comments. Always a pleasure and a great boost when accomplished artists such as yourselves take the time to look and say such positive things about my paintings . Beatrice, you could never be horrible. I did start this painting in portrait format but in began to look a bit like a walking stick so I turned the canvas around!! If I'd had a square one I would have tried it, but I hadn't, and I was too impatient to wait!!!

What a striking painting very virbrant. Love the water design flows as it should. Best regards Paul.

Well Val, what an excellent job you have done here. Never mind the water which is excellent. I cannot take my eyes off the swan. Smashing. I only found this because you mentioned on a posting. PS thank you for your lovely comment as always on Grace - you are so kind. PS I have come back from the abyss! Binned one - completely wiped an oil and now back on track!

Thank you Paul and Jeannette for your lovely comments.

Val, thank you for your comments on the orchid. The Other Room is winning. I think I shall call it that. Tried a flower in pastel today - that was a complete mess. The exhibition isn't until May. I have one in our small library here in Minster during March - only small paintings though. Suffering with arthritis in many places - cannot walk to well. Painting keeps me sane. Don't know how I am going to get on in the garden - I'll have to shuffle. Listen to me going on. Noticed the snowdrops are out. I think you have had slightly warmer weather than us. Snow wasn't too bad only had around 2 inches. Keep well. Keep selling. Very best wishes Jeannette xx

Missed this one Val. I like the colours used for the water although they are not the natural colours but like they say ' art is not a photocopy of the picture but an impression' (something like that) and your have shown it well . The swan is really lovely and stands out well too. Thanks for comments you put to my posts, I learn alot from people who are more experienced than I am.

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Oil on canvas 40cm / 30cm. From a photo taken by my husband. I have since discovered a very similar photo in a wild life photography book by Philip Rouse?? but my hubby's photo is much better, especially the water patterns, which are what inspired this painting. A welcome respite from the oil portrait I am struggling with!!!

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