It's a lovely study Val and the ink certainly works on the flowers which may have been enough to pull it in with the frame - not so sure about it at the bottom of the picture as this does just alter the balance a tad - would love to see it in the frame

Lovely painting, the different colours in the flowers you have achieved, and love the background. I also am not too sure abount the bottom of the painting, framed it will make all the difference. I too have a framer who makes up odd frames at very reasonable prices not to be missed.

Many thanks for posting your thoughts on this Michael and Glennis. I agree with you about the ink altering the balance. I felt it needed a little more than just the centre of the flowers so added some at the bottom, that didn't look quite right so added some more......... when will I ever learn to stop fiddling LOL Michael, once I've got a mount I'll post a pic of it in the frame. Hopefully the frame will improve the look of it, if not it's back to the drawing board :)

Nice, love your work, agreed with Michael & Glennis about the dark area at the bottom.

Gorgeous luminous petals Val, maybe add a gentler amount of dark down that ink side also a darker green then it won't look so isolated. Don't spoil it because of my idea, but if you get desperate................:o))

Oooo...I don't know Val, I love it as it is, but I see the point of the others. When I first looked at the painting my eye was certainly drawn to the dark area but then my eye travelled up the length of the bloom. I thought you had added it to represent a shadow thrown by the flower. All that said, it's a beautiful painting Val, I love the iridescent effect on the petals.

Thanks for taking the time to comment Peter, Carole, Rebecca and Fiona, much appreciated. Carole, I keep hovering over the painting with a paint brush in my hand to do as you suggested but so far I've chickened out 'cos I know I'll make a mess of it. Good suggestion though.

I like the looseness of this and the colours too. Lovely work :)

Wow Val, this positively glows! Love the colours you've used.

Hi Val I've left a novel of a reply for you on 'All Mine'.

Wow, Val, this is absolutely mesmerizing! So very beautiful!

Hang on Studio Wall

Watercolour and Indian ink on Bockingford 200 lb. I painted this to fit a black frame I have hence the addition of the indian ink. I don't usually use black frames but my framer sometimes makes odd ones up from left over off cuts and sells them to his regulars dead cheap. Can't resist a bargain so I bought two. Not sure if the ink works. Any thoughts on the matter (or any critique) gratefully received.

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