I'll Scratch Yours if you Scratch Mine!

I'll Scratch Yours if you Scratch Mine!

This is so lovely, and puts a smile on the face as well as admiring the wispy delicate pastel work. Have to say too, along with many others,that I am in love with 'Little Big Horn'.

Val before reading your write up it was the background that drew me initially, it's a beautiful soft colour. The ponies are exceptionally done especially the wispy manes.

Great colour choices Val and a lovely humorous painting, I love the horses manes, you have done a wonderful job!

I lovel horses and I love these two. Like Fiona says, I didn't find the background out of place. I'd be interested in what colour you feel would have been preferable.

Lovely painting! Maybe one day I will have a go with pastels! Well done on a lovely subject.

Funny how we both posted pastel pics of scottish ponies on the same day! Really like this, lots of movement and that wild hair! I actually think the background complements the colours of the ponies, very pleasing to the eye.

Angela, Fiona, Carole, Gudrun, Paul and Hazel thank you so much for taking the time to comment I really appreciate it. Angela, I'm glad it made you smile. Fiona, Carole and Gudrun the reason I wasn't sure about the background was I did an initial quick sketch on choclate brown pastel paper and though the manes stood out on it it was difficult to make out the ponies hence the decision to put in a paler background. Unfortunately I then couldn't get the manes to stand out as much as I would have liked. I might post the sketch so you can see what I mean. Paul, have a go with pastels, they are my favourite of all the mediums. Hazel, just off to check out your pony, they can keep each other company on the gallery LOL.

I can't think where you could have gone with background colour other than maybe sky blues or grass greens. I think this works well so don't change it. A brilliant painting so full of life and movement.

This just made me smile, Val! Love the composition, and the ponies are superbly rendered. And nothing wrong with the background that I can see, I think it does go very well with the ponies and the complementary colors play off very well against each other.

Excellent work

Thanks for looking and leaving such nice comments Diana, Seok and Pat.

I agree with all the above, lovely painting and nothing wrong with the background, don't change it Val.

I agree with all the above, lovely painting and nothing wrong with the background, don't change it Val.

Thank you Glennis. I'm pleased you liked it so much you said it twice :) LOL

Gorgeous alternative view of horses having a sharing moment and doing what they love the most, being together and not alone

Hang on Studio Wall

Back to my soft pastels for this one on pastelmat, though I find the pastels blend better (for me anyhow) on colourfix so I think an order to my favourite art store is imminent LOL. Again, from a photo of the ponies on the Isle of Rum taken by my daughter. Just wish I'd chosen a different coloured background! Thanks for looking.

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