River crossing


I very much like this - the whole works a treat and is a pleasure to look at

Excellent painting, so much to like about it.

An interesting painting with lots of atmosphere.

Really like the way the hill rises up from the people and animals crossing the river. Very atmospheric

Excellent, lovely composition

Encouraging comments from you all. Thank you.

Wonderful design here.

Just lovely :- )

I enjoy looking at your work Peter. Very thoughtful in composition, not just pretty, very attractive but something more

Hang on Studio Wall

Farmers returning home from the fields. I think their bridge spans a river weir. Based on an image seen on Instagram. 23 x 27 cm acrylic on watercolour paper.

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Peter Nickholds

I’ve been around since 1946, always in the same town in the West Midlands. I was about 9 when my Dad pinched my big bedroom on the back; it was big enough to make a studio for him and his employee, John. Dad was a commercial artist but I could not draw as well as him I thought. I did get an O level…

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