Honest or Bent?


I always like portraits done in watercolour and this is a good one. I like the eyes and the thousand-yard stare, they are not giving anything away.

A smasher of a portrait, love the simplicity and lines

Yes recognised Dot Cotton? Well done, a bit bent I’d say;)

Definitely bent! Good portrait and likeness Peter.

Not bothered about Dot, but this is an excellent portrait.

Thank you all for your appreciation.

Hang on Studio Wall
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If you are a LOD fan you will know.

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I’ve been around since 1946, always in the same town in the West Midlands. I was about 9 when my Dad pinched my big bedroom on the back; it was big enough to make a studio for him and his employee, John. Dad was a commercial artist but I could not draw as well as him I thought. I did get an O level…

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