Dorothy Pointon


At my school during the war there was very little art tuition if any. I can’t remember any lesson except being given bright poster colours and thick brush. The teacher then would sit and mark home work. I did get a “good” in my school report. When I started work I took many evening classes from woodwork to silver smithing. The classes were plentifully and cheap. I met up with some one who was interested in doing more and we both joined the Salford Art Club, the best thing I ever did. The club has been going since 1948 and the committee has always been a very enthusiastic one. We have talks, demonstrations and workshops. While there I heard about Wedgwood collage at Barlaston and I used to take two or three courses a year. The tutored ones were quit intense and very useful. The class continued to meet even without a tutor and as we came from a wide ranging areas we could add our own experience to the group. Eventually the collage closed and we found a new venue, The group is now much smaller as we have got older. I no longer go and although I am still a member of Salford Art Club I can’t get there anymore. I still enter the exhibitions and our next one is in November at Salford art Gallery, it will be on until March . Please visitors