Lexington - New York

Lexington - New York

WOW this is sooo good. Don't usually like monochrome as I'm into colour, the brighter the better,but this is amazing. The loseness of the buildings , the recession, the figures are all great, even the cars! I'd be very proud if this was one of mine !

Yes, this appeals to me too. It has a lot of impact. Water colour unusual for you?

I like this too. It feels like you're in NY just looking at it!

Hello Jeannette, Lovely piece of watercolour work, not overworked anywhere, well done. I like to use just Burnt Umber, the results can be very effective. Regards, Joe

Posted by Joe Hush on Fri 31 Oct 00:22:11

I like that very much. Love the simple but effective way you've captured the buildings.

This is not your usual style, because you like to use colours, but this is superb. There is lots of work in this painting, I wouldn't know where to start. You should try more of this style because you did a grand job of it. Thanks for your comments to my last post. Regards Lorraine

This is a beauty, I like the eye level as I feel like I'm walking into the painting. Very professional.

i love this picture...............


My wife and I love this painting. It reminds us of Glasgow on a pre Christmas shop! Very atmospheric. On the other hand, you can just about hear the opening tune to The Odd Couple!!! Lovely stuff:)

I like this one too,it reminds me of when we were in New York early April 2001 the weather was the same. Brilliant painting..

i'm crossing the street , and and the frost is nibbling my nose like it

Great atmospheric piece!

I have just been looking through your portfolio and i must say, amazing!!! so versatile i love them all, what is your prefered medium? i have only just started mostly pastels which i love for animals but landscapes i find harder, Love them all :)

Love this watercolour. Such atmosphere and activity very nice work indeed.

I JUST LOVE THIS - OH MY GOD. have been looking through all your Art Work - the ballerinas and brilliant, but I am in love with this picture. Fantastic. Debi

Hang on Studio Wall

This is a very early watercolour - first attempt in monochrome - taken from a photograph. Thank you all for your very kind comments. I painted this around 4 years ago. I shall retrieve it from storage and frame it. I remember very well using a toothbrush to flick white gouache for snow. Thank you once again,

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