Need help with a name

Need help with a name

ITs really good im sure it will go in a flash i would have it on my wall!!!Flowers always sell well,hope this is the first of many ,i look forward to seeing more! i have some new paintings i must put on here just got to get round to it!!:)Linda

Would White Lady or Lady in White be any good? This is a very well painted poppy and I'm sure it's even better in reality, photos don't always transfer well.

We have this poppy in our garden, too! We didn't plant them, they must be self-sown but they appear every year and last longer than other poppies. If you are looking for the botanical name it is 'Papaver Orientale' or 'Oriental poppy'; as the flower heads are bigger than the usual red poppy, how about 'Big and beautiful'? You have captured it very well and I love the way you have painted the seedheads/leaves.

As I think you know now - this one is called Patty's Plum as it is a gorgeous poppy. This is an excellent painting with a really complimentary background showing up the luminous paleness of the flower.

Beautifully painted Jeannette

I agree with the above comments: they can say it much better in English than I can. I think it is beautiful, stunning!

Lovely painting Jeannette, how about simply ' White Lady' and good luck with the exhibition.

Hi Jeannette, good to see your work again. This is a "Papaver somniferum or Opium Poppy"! - I have lots in my garden and they spread everwhere without having to do anything! The seeds can be used in cooking and the resin...... well that's another story! They are so lovely to paint and yours is great. How about "Sleepy Lady" ?!

A big thank you to everybody for their kind comments. I love the titles you have chosen. I may just plump for fellow artist Alan Knight with his Popplicious!

Hi Jeannette Thanks for your comment on red,glad to hear you are ok, i too have had a time of it resulting in an op on the 30th of december,couldnt really concentrate much on painting till i got it out of the way and all was ok !! so back to the easel i go!!!!!!!:)Linda

Lovely painting Jeannette - whatever it's called! jx

Hi Jeanette, I finally managed to find your portfolio. Thank you for your comments. I have lots of these poppies in my weed[patch at the right time of year. But I don't think I could make as good a picture as this! Nice work. John

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This poppy grows in my garden. I have an exhibition in the summer and thought I would start with a flower painting. The pastel sold. People seem to like poppies or should I say ladies?

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