The Red Brush

The Red Brush

Well this seems to be a delightful move out of your comfort zone...I like it.

A lovely little painting Jeanette, skin tone good . The reflection in the mirror addes great interst to composition. Well done.

I'm extremely impressed that you managed to produce this from your imagination, sadly I can produce nothing unless it's right in front of me! I think the skin tones and muscle structures are very convincing, and I like your complimentry palette. I'm not sure about the shadow on the wall, perhaps it might be just a little less dark in tone, although I see the counterpoint? (just a thought..I understand that with the vagaries of photographic reproduction the actual painting may look different) Oh to be able to paint from imagaination... I don't think I have one! Thank-you for your comment on my life class sketch, this must be your painting you referred to? Very well done!

Thank you Phil, Carole and Lesley, Lesley you are so right about the shadow on the wall, it hit me when I posted the painting. Another artists view point is often very helpful. I have just had another look at the painting in between ironing! I shall make some changes. Thank you.

Hi Jeannette, I look forward to seeing your painting again :)

Oooooo, Cheeky!! Only joking. I too am envious that you can produce something like this from imagination. I must say you've unwittingly modelled her on my figure and made a really good job of it, well done. LOL

Very impressive Jeannette, you really are so talented My only observation would be, as Lesley has already mentioned, the "depth" of the shadows, possibly they could be lightened slightly. I love painting from imagination, it gives you such a sense of creation. Very well done.

Nice image Jeannette, very perky...I thought I'd recognised Val from this image..Well done..

Hi there Jeannette. You are just getting better and better. Fantastic. The only thing I wasn't sure about was her left hand. But I couldn't do anything like this -so - wonderful!

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First nude I have ever painted. I started with this lady - I don't know who she is. The thing just started to evolve entirely from imagination. I used very bold strokes to get the shape of the body. Please feel free to comment good or bad. Acrylic on canvas.

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