Michelle's Sunglasses

Michelle's Sunglasses

I see we're logged on at the same time! This is a fantastic portrait, from the skin tones to the reflections in the glasses, her hair, her necklace, all of it infact. One of your best, well done.

i think this is the best work you have submitted jeanette, i think the glasses are great,....chris

Just logged on an saw this attractive lady. This is a great portrait. The reflections in the sunglasses are very well mastered. The hair and skin tones are all well painted. Well done.

Wow - really good skin, necklace - love it

This is a super portrait, the skin tones are brilliant, so is the necklace. Regards Nicky.

I love this portrait Jeanette, you have captured it perfectly, and the hair and sunglasses look so real. Well done, and many thanks for your comment on my latest seascape.

I agree with everybody, YOUR BEST. Those sunglasses!!! and the hair and all of it.

Beautiful feeling of reflection from hot sun. Brilliant

What a beautiful painting Jeannette,you must feel paticularly proud of this one! it,s a winner.

Good work Jeannette

Great portrait love it :)

Jeanette I am envious, I don't think I've ever managed to paint glasses or sunglasses without them looking weird...they look so natural here. What a great record of your beautiful daughter :) ~ Anni Morris

Lovely portrait Jeannette. It's got such a fresh feel to it. I though it was a watercolour at first but see it was Atelier. Great work.

What a lovely painting, Jeannette. You have been busy. Must have a look at the rest of your work.

I should think that are well pleased with this one! I know I'd be. Terrific!!!

I somehow missed this one...I too like it...and your bold bright style as ever...well done,

Hi - this is stunning - so many things to look at - and take notice of - i am trying to draw faces at the moment - and i have a long way to go - we are so lucky to have this site to see so many good works

Just found this one Jeannette. The reflections in the sunglasses are a great idea in a portrait - this really is a great painting.

I agree with all the above. Smashing portrait - do more!

Lovely summery portrait, very warm and sunny feel. I am scared of doing portraits.

Hang on Studio Wall

This is a portrait of our daughter Michelle she has olive skin like her dad. Hence the holiday suntan. We have a sunglasses thing in our family!!! Atelier interactive on canvas board.

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