Glorious Monochrome

Glorious Monochrome

Incredible detail in the ship, great sky and sea. Hope you sell this time.

Well I hope third time lucky a wonderful painting and such lovely tonal qualities

Third time lucky I'm sure!! Unusual to see one of yours in monochrome, your paintings are usually so full of colour but this is lovely. Like Carole says, fantastic sea, sky and detail on the ship, someone is bound to snap it up.

Thank you very much girls for your kind comments. Carole, Impressionistic detail. Patsy, the original photograph was in colour this was my first painting looking at tonal values. Val, this was my monochrome period! Had a thing about black and white.

Lovely perspective on the ship, and particularly like the warmth behind the sails. Thank-you for your kind comment on my work.

This is really lovely Jeannette, not your style but really great. The sky, ship details and the rough sea is beautifully painted. I'm sure you'll be lucky third time round. Thanks for your comments to rose buds.

I love the way the clouds in the sky follow the same line as the ropes on the mast and then the diagonals on the waves repeat this, great painting and it is sure to sell

How wonderful to see you painting monochrome, just proves your versatility. Agree with all the above comments.

I agree with all the above, a truly smashing painting. Love the glow coming through the sky behind sails.

Great painting - not sure I'm brave enough to test my tonal values! You really know youe stuff Did the same thing with one of my prints - forgot to put the packaging price on, I think I made a profit of £5 in the end - we live and learn!

Dramatic pull from the clouds and wild rolling surf capture the maritime flavor perfectly. When I fill my lungs as canvas billowed full, leaving care and clouds behind to boiling brine, destiny shall be mine, by God. Excellent!

Thank you so much everybody. I will let you know if it sells. Rod, what a lovely quote? Who said that or is it yours? I know you are a man of words!

This is gorgeous!!!.. The buyers sure missed out... But then again we didn't... Thank you.... Good luck, it just has to sell at some point.

Love this Jeannette, a wonderful composition.

To me it is a brilliant painting & very understated......very well done

Hang on Studio Wall

Still sorting through paintings for exhibition. This particular painting has been sold twice! Once at our local library I walked in and saw the red dot (so happy). He didn't turn up with the money. Second time over the internet the chap lived in Australia! It is such a large painting the charge was horrendous - I did not allow for that in my price. I paid him back. Maybe third time lucky? Acrylic on boxed canvas

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