The view from Excalibur - Tintagel Head

The view from Excalibur - Tintagel Head

Wow Jeannette, such a statement in this painting ! the colours are fabulous. The use of pastel has given such a soft lovely feel to the place.Love it.

Great painting Jeannette. Do you still have your website, if you do let me know your new addy so I can re add you to my links page, cheers.

Like the colours here Jeanette. Nice and fresh pastel . I find myself blending and mudding up my colours, so I admire what you have managed to do here.

Lovely painting. Love the colours you have used for the sky.

Absolutely stunning painting. Incredible colours but then you are always brave with colour. I just love the waves splashing up by the rocks and that incredible sky. I want this on my wall. (if I had room!)

Wow what a beautiful sky! I could see myself sitting there looking to the horizon with dogs by my side, watching the sun go down. Superb.

Thank you so much Beatrice,Paul, Angela,Suzanne, Diana & Hazel. Angela, I always have unscented baby wipes when I pastel. Not only do I keep my fingers clean. I was fed up with the moustache and Indian stripes on my face. Hazel my faithful Border Terrier was right there. Diana do you mean you haven't got any room on your wall or literally no wall and have some alterations?

Agree with all the comments above. This is fantastic - such a beautiful sky. Good tip about the baby wipes and thank you for taking the time to look at my gallery.

Wonderful Jeannette, such a skilful use of colour, you have achieved a wonderfully "warm" painting.

I'm tingling from the vibrant energy. Bold and adventurous :-)

With the state our country is in, this reminds me how lucky we are to live here. Stunning colours.

What wonderfully luminous colour, Jeannette, so vibrant with life and movement. Agree with Rod...tingling energy.

Hi Jeannette. I love this painting. The colours are amazing. Do you live round Tintagel area or were you on holiday? I only ask because I live and paint in Cornwall and we both seem to like each others paintings! I use wipes when out with pastels too but I still manage to put on the war paint He He!

I wasn't going to comment on this painting because everyone else has and they've said it all - but I keep coming back to it: and anyway, 13 is an unlucky number! So - it's brilliant; fabulous colours, bravely applied.

What a lovely soft colourful painting, the sky is just magic, I love the greens and the way the colours from the sky are touching the ground, and thank you for commenting on my painting efforts :).

Lovely colours in that sky. Very well executed.

Wow, how did I miss this one. The trouble with coming across it so late everyone else has said exactly what I would have said about it!! I have to say though, that sky is amazing.

Lovely use of light in the sky. The last time I went to Tintagel Head I chose this viewpoint. Probably within metres of yours Jeanette. I tried to paint the cliffs, but the result was a failure. Happy to say this isn't an I like it a lot. Maybe my failure was because I was 'on the run', having just stuck a 'windbreak' pole into 'St. Agnes's head! '

Hi, Jeannette. Thanks for your comments on my teddies. Haven't been on the site for a while, again, and have missed so much! I'm interested in your Tintagel pictures, not just because I like them so much, but because it's one of my favourite places (out of season!) Have you seen the profile face formed by the cliffs visible from 'King Arthur's Castle' hotel?

Jeannette, thanks for your further comments, and re above - go to . There's some photos of the face there, but better in an evening light. Look good in the light you've got here!

What a colourful painting, we like it a lot.

Hang on Studio Wall

The third painting I did in Tintagel. Wonderful sunsets. View from the garden in the Cottage 'Excalibur' Had to paint them. Pastel on Duck Egg Blue Colorfix

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