Sheerness Sunset

Sheerness Sunset

A lovely rendering, and great depth.

A truly beautiful pastel painting. Fantastic blend of colours Jeanette.

As ever it.

Beautiful work Jeannette, you set such an incredably high standard. The painting seems to "come alive" as you look at it. Well done. Thanks for your kind comments. I,ve been away in Malta for a few weeks and now I,m rather tied up in a new gallery which has recently opened in Gower. Very much a case of "nose to the grindstone" love, Bill

Lovely colours and a beautiful painting.

One of those sunsets that makes you think that everythings right with the world. Beautiful. Beginning to panic about what I still have to do before I go you know where so not much time to check out the postings, but I'm glad I didn't miss this. Feeling calmer already just looking at it !!

Missed this one. Lovely colours in this pastel painting and a great sense of depth.

lovely colours............wonderful painting

Hello jeannette, "wow" , just beautiful, agree wholeheartedly with all the above comments, especially Bill's, does come alive, as your gorgeous redition of the pastel " Peace", you really do put me to shame,...! thankyou for your message on one of my paintings, yes i'm well thanks, but i am having a bit of a family crisis at the moment,..its been going on a while, and means , at the moment i'm unable to paint,..circumstances have dictated i put all my art stuff away, and my once studio/come painting space, longer exsits.!!! i wll have to find myself a wee corner somewhere soon, as im getting very itchy fingers !! lovely to see your gorgeous paintings again, keep up the wonderful work. hope your well too. Love Rhian ( irene )

This a very beautiful, and inspiriting painting. I agree with all the above, and really can't add much. They all said it so well.

I can only echo what the others have said a stunning painting.

What a beautifull picture, the colours are glorious

What amazing colors. I wish I were there.

Hang on Studio Wall

A Smashing sunset. You know what it's like you see a sky and think; I must remember that one. A beautiful sunset 7th July 09. Pastel on Burgundy colourfix .

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